10 best sitcoms to binge with the family

There are plenty of ways to comfortably spend family time in the hectic world people find themselves in. Watching television as a family is a welcome experience for most people. A full entertainment moment is guaranteed for viewers watching a good TV show.

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However, not everyone is comfortable watching certain shows as a family. While some shows have extreme action sequences, some may have explicit content that is not suitable for families. In search of relatable characters, plausible situations, a wide range of emotional aspects, and an overall enjoyable time, people most often turn to sitcoms.

ten A gifted child in a family of six (Malcolm in the middle)

malcolm in the middle

Malcolm in the middle is a sitcom about Malcolm, a 12-year-old boy with an IQ of 165, and his family. As Malcolm struggles with school and puberty, he tries to navigate through his family’s eccentricities, even welcoming a new member in season four.

Initially revolving around Malcolm, Malcolm in the middle expands over subsequent seasons and depicts the complicated relationships they have with their extended relationships. What distinguishes Malcolm in the middle another of his time is the fourth constant wall breaking by Malcolm.

9 The daily life of a man in a family of women (last man standing)

Denver, Colorado resident Mike Baxter is a married man with three beautiful daughters. Last man standing takes viewers through the daily struggles Mike experiences as a family man.

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The only male companionship available is her stepfather, her grandson through her eldest daughter, and the men who marry or date her daughters. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, Last man standing is the perfect gel of different personalities, relationship dynamics and family responsibilities.

8 Roses adapt a new home (Schitt’s Creek)

Scammed out of their enormous fortune, the Rose family moves from their lavish New York mansion to a motel in a small rural town called Schitt’s Creek. Thrown into a different environment with people they don’t usually know, the Roses grow as a family and as individuals.

Through friendship, family and love, Schitt’s Creek completely entertains the viewers with a mix of emotions. The constant development of the character of the Rose family and a positive representation of the LGBTQ+ community contribute to Schitt’s Creekpopularity.

seven A local politician and a Manny take on parenthood (Melissa and Joey)

Melissa and Joey

Mel Burke is a local politician from a political family. Following a horrific family scandal, Mel finds herself caring for her teenage niece and nephew. Shaken by the drastic change in her lifestyle, Mel hires Joe, a former commodity trader who is the unfortunate victim of a Ponzi scheme.

Melissa and Joey follows the lives of Joe, Mel and his sister’s children as they learn to live together as a family. A unique design, Melissa & Joey grew to gain immense popularity over its four seasons.

6 Working parents raise three kids (a man with a plan)

man with a plan

Fans loved the hilarious Matt LeBlanc in Friends. Years after the success of Friends, fans can see a more mature side of him in Man With A Plan. Matt plays an old school dad, Adam Burns. Adam begins to take on more responsibility for raising his three children as his wife, Andi, returns to the workforce.

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Adam is raising three children while working as an entrepreneur in partnership with his brother, Don. Adam experiences the joys and sorrows of parenthood while learning to balance his life.

5 Andre’s family is an adorable mess (Black-Ish)

The Johnson family watches television

A critically acclaimed American sitcom, Blackish revolves around the upper-class African-American Johnson family. At the heart of Blackish’The plot is that of André (Dre), his wife Rainbow, their four children and how they juggle the various events in their lives.

As Dre struggles to gain a sense of cultural identity while living in a predominantly white society, he does his best to keep his family values ​​intact and raise his children well. A sitcom with engaging cultural questions and socio-political commentary, Blackish is an absolute fan favorite.

4 Organized Dysfunction Has Never Been More Relevant (Modern Family)

modern family

After the family of Jay Prichett, modern family is one of the most popular mockumentary sitcoms available to audiences today. Jay’s son, Mitchell, is an openly gay man living with his partner and adopted daughter, Lily. Jay’s daughter Claire is happily married to Phil Dunphy and has three children – Haley, Alex and Luke.

Jay marries a second time and welcomes Gloria and her son Manny, from his first marriage, into his family. As these three families go through dysfunction, they grow closer despite their differences.

3 Will’s lifestyle clashes with his uncle’s ideals (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)

Will Smith in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

With Will Smith, The prince of Bel-Air is a critically acclaimed sitcom that follows the life of Will. Will was born and raised in West Philadelphia by a single mother. When she is bullied by neighborhood kids, Will’s mother sends her to her sister’s family in Bel-Air for a better life and prospects.

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Arriving at his uncle’s Bel-Air mansion, Will feels out of place. He is not used to such luxury. A huge influence on his cousin Ashley, Will tries to fit into Uncle Phil’s lifestyle while getting along with his other cousins, Hillary and Carlton.

2 Three generations of mothers try to perfect parenting (mom)

mom sitcom

Located in Napa, California, Mum follows Christy Plunkett, a recovering alcoholic, and her family. Christy’s daughter is a teenage mother. Christy’s mother, Bonnie, is also a recovering alcoholic. Mum sees their life after drug addiction and single parenthood. Christy strives to break the cycle and be a better mother to her children than her mother was to her.

With the support of their friends at Alcoholics Anonymous, Christy and Bonnie try to get their lives back on track. They break old patterns and pursue their goals and dreams.

1 Asian Americans Chasing the American Dream (Fresh Off The Boat)

fresh off the boat the huang family

The Huang family moved to the United States in the 90s. Louis and Jessica Huang decided to move to Orlando, Florida with their three children – Eddie, Emery and Evan. The family moves in with Louis’ mother, Jenny, to start and run a cowboy-themed steakhouse.

Fresh off the boat is an all-Asian-American mainline sitcom that follows the Huang family through relocation, new business ventures, new partnerships, and continued assimilation into their community. Love, friendship and family are some of the main themes explored in Fresh off the boat.

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