Asian Identity, a new NFT project, will empower Asian communities and become a catalyst in building cultural equity overseas

The project is expected to be released in April 2022 and responds to the imperative need to create an inclusive, safe and diverse society.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, March 12, 2022 / — Some people take the opportunity to leave their home country and move abroad to seek better opportunities, a better quality of life, or simply because they want to embrace the idea of ​​becoming a citizen of the world. However, such an important move, leaving their family behind, their roots, is not easy.

It takes determination, perseverance and, above all, an open mind to meet the challenges they may face, but no one is ready to deal with racism and hateful attacks. Every immigration story is different; often tinged with discrimination and racial profiling.

While talking about the Asian community and the rise of hate crimes, Grace Kima Korean-Canadian living in Toronto and founder of the NFT Asian Identity Projectshares: “As the world becomes receptive to the concept of global citizenship, the Asian community has been the target of hate crimes for many years. The Covid-19 pandemic has worsened the situation, with a huge increase in hate attacks against Asians .”

According to a report, the anti-Asian crime rate has increased by more than 600% in some Canadian cities in 2020. These statistics show how societies create racial stereotypes, which are also reflected in their actions.

Grace adds, “The reason I started the Asian identity The NFT Project aims to empower overseas Asian communities, celebrate their uniqueness and give them a platform to proudly own their identity – while bridging the wide gap that now exists in the world. This project recognizes Asians settled all over the world, in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, etc. We all need to be seen and to feel included and safe.”

Each year in Canada, the month of May is celebrated as Asian Heritage Month, but the celebrations have been overshadowed in recent years, given the rise in racism. “Asian Identity NFT is my way of recognizing the accomplishments and contributions of Asians who have moved to Canada and made it their home,” says Grace.

Grace, who came to Toronto from South Korea as a teenager with her parents, has faced her share of racism in a country that embodies diversity. When she finished college, her parents moved back to Korea and she decided to stay in Canada – on her own.

As she tried to find her footing, she realized how crucial it is to have a community that believes in you and supports you wholeheartedly. Now married to a Korean-Canadian and mother of three, Grace knows firsthand what it feels like to be culturally displaced, which is the inspiration behind Asian identity.

“This project is dedicated to Asians living abroad, but our community is open and welcoming to anyone who opposes racism and has a humanitarian spirit.” With her collection of 10,000 uniquely designed Asian beauties riding the Ethereum blockchain, she hopes to help build a unified society that values ​​friendship and partnership without racial bias. NFTs are based on over 400 hand-drawn strokes with a mix of modern and cultural elements.

According to Grace, humanity must come together to build a society that values ​​diversity and truly believes in creating cultural equity. “As Korean Canadians, we made sure to stay connected to our roots, our heritage and pass it on to our children,” she says. “We are the link between what they call home in Canada and their heritage in Korea, and it is imperative to spread these values ​​and beliefs from the start. The same goes for thousands of immigrants who decide to move to different parts of the world but make a conscious effort to stay connected to their cultures.

Grace Kim and her husband, Jason, make daily efforts to keep their children in tune with their heritage and one of the ways they have decided to maintain this is through food. “We try to make sure that we eat at least one Korean meal a day at home. Food is an amazing way to establish a strong connection to one’s culture.”

This project is an opportunity to rethink race, gender and prejudice and a chance to create a culturally sensitive society.

About Grace Kim

Grace Kim is the founder and artist of Asian Identity, a new NFT project slated to launch in April 2022. She is a Korean-Canadian living in Toronto with her husband and three children.

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