Culture and Arts Metaverse “Hidden Order” has landed in New York.

A global platform beyond borders with the “Hidden Order” metaverse app from independent Korean developers.

[Image1: A large-scale rally is being held within the Hidden Order.]
[Image 2: Hidden order MOKA of the space garden Jaime Hayon work their way to start conversations.]
[Imange 3: At the same time that the DJ is playing music, various artists’ poster exhibitions are taking place.]

“Hidden Order”, a culture and arts metabus app, has broadened its ambition to cross borders and travel the world. Tissue Office, a Korean startup, announced that the concept video for the Hidden Order meta-bus was posted on the Broadway electronic billboard in Times Square in New York City on November 11 at 8 p.m. ET. The video was made possible with the support of Gyeonggi. -do Province and the Gyeonggi Content Agency, both of which are Korean local governments.

Hidden Order is a metaverse application that allows users to communicate with each other by participating in cultural and artistic events such as performances and exhibitions that take place with the planet Mars as a backdrop. Unlike existing art galleries and performance halls, culture and the arts are not only appreciated with the eyes, but also become an active experience of play and direct participation.

A sculpture by world-renowned Spanish writer Jaime Hayon is alive and moving on one side of Hidden Order, and clips of emerging artists constantly play on the other. Hidden Order is a new digital cultural complex in which any imaginary event can occur.

Hidden Order, which debuted in May, hosts a variety of events featuring renowned artists such as contemporary artist Park Hye-soo and craft studio Quispiam Habilis, as well as institutions such as the Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA), Museum of Modern Children’s Book Art (MOKA) and Design House. It offers a more three-dimensional and engaging digital experience that differs significantly from the current way of consuming culture and the arts through a metaverse space.

“Now, ‘Hidden Order’ receives a lot of love calls from the hottest companies and artists in Korean culture and arts,” said a Tissue Office official. “In the future, ‘Hidden Order’ will be more than just a replacement for offline space; it will be a place to pursue possible things.

Tissue Office intends to expand “Hidden Order” into a representative global platform for the 2030 generations outside of Korea by allowing User Generated Content (UCC) to be produced and distributed as NFT in future NFTs.

Hidden Order is currently free to download from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, and anyone can easily access and enjoy various cultural and artistic events without having to register. Hidden Order news can also be found on the organization’s official website. Instagram and website.

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