Demi Lovato shows off meaningful new spider tattoo on her head

Of course, the move to 2022 could just mean buying a new calendar – but it can also be a symbolic catalyst for transformation, which Demi Lovato has fully proven. First, the “Dancing with the Devil” frontman kicked off a new buzzcut over the holidays, in a now-deleted Instagram post captioned “#freshstart”. The next part, it seems, was Lovato’s recent decision to erase his entire feed with the exception of one post: a collage of selfies aptly dated January 1. Now, Lovato’s latest update is new ink for the New Year – specifically, a spider tattoo on their freshly shaved head.

Lovato documented the tattooing process, another collaboration with artist Dr. Woo, on their Instagram Story on Saturday, January 8. It has shown that more of Lovato’s hair needs to be shaved for this to work, and the musician is already making plans for a new haircut to clean up their new buzz. “Now @alchemistamber come fix my hair please,” they wrote.

So why the arachnid? No, Lovato is not just pure and hard Spider Man super-fan (well … that we know). Rather, the inspiration for this particular ink seems to come from Native American mythology. Lovato shared a quote about their story explaining the caption:

“It was Grandmother Spider who taught us a lot of things. She taught us pottery and weaving. She taught us about fire, light and darkness. She taught us that we are all connected to the web – each of us has our place in this world. “

According to the American Museum of Natural History, references to the spider woman are part of the cultural tradition of the Southwest – and the spider grandmother, in particular, is from the Hopi. “Conscientiously weaving her webs”, writes the AMNH, she “thought that the world itself exists”.

As well as finding meaning in mythology, Lovato also seems to have been inspired by Dr. Woo’s earlier work with drawings of spiders. On January 5, they commented on five flame emojis on a customer post with their own eight-legged artwork.

Of course, Lovato’s recent changes go way beyond the physical. Us weekly reported on Jan. 8 that the singer recently completed a rehab stint before spending the vacation at home. People also reported on the private stay, with a source claiming that Lovato “is committed to their well-being, and throughout their lives they plan to do regular check-ups to make sure they put themselves first. . ” The update comes a month after Lovato announced they were “no longer … ‘California Sober’,” noting that “sober sober is the only way to be.”

James C. Tibbs