Eagle Builders Center in Blackfalds officially completed

“With the Bulldogs, a team extremely well supported by owner Doug Quinn, his goal was to make his franchise the best in Canada to play in one of the best facilities in Canada,” says Hoover.

“It also allows us to have cultural events, including concerts, for the town of Blackfalds and the size that we are, the Eagle Builders Center is just amazing,” adds Hoover.

Hoover says he has already been contacted by music promoters and organizations looking to host music events, trade shows and a rodeo event in the facility’s future.

Hoover suggests the city can do a lot to maximize the facility’s potential.

“There are a lot of options with this facility, but as far as a municipality will have to staff this building, we don’t know yet,” he admits. “We have to see what the patterns are and it’s a learning curve for our staff to get used to operating this facility. It’s just a lot more than what we’ve had in the past. It is a lot for us to have a municipality of 11,000 inhabitants. With a community of this size, we wouldn’t normally need to staff something of this size.

With hockey being the predominant attraction, however, Mayor Hoover cites the AJHL’s upcoming showcase in September as an example of the facility’s potential.

“Scouts from the NHL and other professional hockey leagues will be at Blackfalds in September and October. This in itself will shine a light on Blackfalds and its facilities.

James C. Tibbs