“Stay chic, San Diego”: Andrew Marr leaves the BBC with the Anchorman line | André Marr

Andrew Marr ended his 21-year BBC career using a character slogan from presenter Ron Burgundy.

The broadcaster, who said he was eager to find his “own voice” outside the BBC’s fairness rules, presented his last show on Sunday morning after 17 years at the helm.

Bringing his last program at the end, he said, “I have been so lucky and privileged to share so many Sunday mornings with you.

Referring to a line delivered by the fictional news anchor played by Will Ferrell in the 2004 comedy film, he added: chic, San Diego. ‘”

Its final program included a montage of highlights of the show over the years, including interviews with the last six British Prime Ministers, as well as Greta Thunberg, Prince Harry, Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin.

Among his latest guests were Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and Health Secretary Sajid Javid, both of whom said it had been a privilege to be guests on his show. In response to Khan, Marr said: “Luckily I’m from Dundee so I won’t be emotional.”

Sophie Raworth will be the acting presenter of the Sunday Morning show, which will be temporarily renamed Sunday Morning, starting January 9. Raworth will host the show for a “short period” while a recruitment process for a permanent presenter takes place, the company said. Once a permanent appointment has been made, the BBC plans to relaunch the program with a new presenter, a new title and a new appearance.

Marr, 62, has previously said he will focus on writing and presenting political and cultural shows for Global. He said moving to the London-based media company gave him a “new freedom” to do “swift and very regular political journalism on LBC unfiltered”.

Marr joined the BBC in May 2000 as a political editor. He will host an opinion show on LBC in which he will “give his take on the biggest issues of the day” alongside guests, Global said, while presenting a new program on Classic FM. He will also join New Statesman magazine as chief political commentator.

James C. Tibbs