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City of Tacoma announcement.

TACOMA, Washington – Fifty-seven organizations whose missions are to advance the arts, culture, heritage and / or science were funded in the inaugural year of Washington’s first and only Cultural Access Program. Tacoma Creates staff presented the report to the City Council Economic Development Committee on December 14.

Designed to support and nurture a thriving culture sector, Tacoma Creates distributed $ 4.7 million in voter-approved tax revenue to organizations through a competitive funding round in early 2020, just as the pandemic forced cultural organizations to reinventing regular programming. Funding in the 2020-2021 program year provided critical support for organizations to develop compelling programs, continue to serve and uplift the community, and keep creative and cultural workers employed at Tacoma.

Funded organizations produced a total of 412 programs, of which approximately two-thirds were produced for the general public and the remaining third were education programs for young people.

Funded organizations reported a total of over 575,000 participants in these programs, including over 497,000 views of events, exhibitions or online courses.

With an emphasis on equity and access as a guiding principle, the vast majority of programming was free to attendees. 84 percent of in-person attendance was free; 91% of virtual participation was free; and 97 percent of all programs were either free, had free or discounted ticket options.

“With the support of Tacoma Creates, Tacoma’s cultural organizations have been able to maintain and reinvent their operations and respond in innovative ways to the multiple challenges facing our community,” said Lisa Jaret, Tacoma Creates Program Director. “They’ve invented new online programs and resources, created and distributed home learning materials, examined how their cultural missions might best meet emerging community needs, and are ready to continue providing responsive and engaging services. “

Lakewood Playhouse

To download a copy of the full Annual Report and learn more about Tacoma Creates, visit the site. To see the presentation, visit the City of Tacoma website website.

About Tacoma creates

Tacoma Creates is a voter-approved initiative to increase access to artistic, cultural, heritage and scientific experiences across Tacoma by reducing barriers to access and expanding offerings, especially for underserved youth. More information on Tacoma Creates is available at tacomacates.org.

James C. Tibbs