The 1971 war shows that the partition of India on the basis of religion was a historical error: Rajnath

The 1971 war tells us that the partition of India on the basis of religion was a “historical error” and that Pakistan was born in the name of a religion but could not remain so, said Sunday Minister of Defense Rajnath Singh.

The Minister was speaking at the inauguration of the “Swarnim Vijay Parv” commemorating 50 years of the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War on the lawns of the Gateway of India in the nation’s capital.

“After the 1971 defeat, he continued to wage a proxy war. Pakistan wants to disrupt the peace in India by encouraging terrorism and other anti-Indian activities. Indian forces foiled their plans in 1971 and the work to root terrorism out of its root is ongoing, ”he said. “We won in a direct war and the victory will also be ours in an indirect war.”

Singh also paid tribute to the country’s first chief of staff, General Bipin Rawat, who was killed in a helicopter crash last week. The Parv marks the culmination of a year-long celebrations commemorating the 1971 war.

Calling the 1971 war one of the most decisive wars in the world after the two world wars of the 20th century, Mr Singh said the war was a classic example of India’s moral and democratic traditions.

“We will rarely see in history that after having defeated another country in a war, a country does not impose its domination, but cedes power to its political representative. India did this, because it is part of our culture. India has never invaded any country, and has never captured an inch of land from any other country, ”he said.

Mr. Singh described the 1971 war as a shining example of union and integration between the three services, stressing the importance of planning, training and fighting together. Stating that from procurement to production, every effort is made to make the forces more capable, efficient and self-sufficient, Singh said: “Our goal is to keep our armed forces ready for any eventuality.

The Minister recalled the determination, coordination and valor of the Indian armed forces during the war.

The Indian armed forces have supported the Muktibahini, helped hundreds of thousands of refugees and prevented any form of aggression from the western and northern sectors, he said. “They have ensured that the credibility of India’s commitment to peace, justice and humanity in the global community is maintained. “

A series of cultural events and performances are planned over the next two days. War films and a large battle exhibit depicting major operations on the eastern and western fronts of the 1971 war will also be shown, the Defense Ministry said.

James C. Tibbs