Virtual art auction will benefit the American Buddhist Study Center which is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year

Seki noted that she was delighted with the works and artists featured.

“Auguste Elder is a wood-fired ceramist, sculptor and teacher, that of Ken Horii the work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, Pascale patris the paintings are inspired by the beauty of nature, and photographer and artist Edythe Vassall has been involved in the Shin Buddhist community for over 15 years, ”Seki said.

ABSC 70e The anniversary art auction will open at 8 a.m. EST Friday, November 26 and will close at 6 p.m. EST Sunday, December 5. The works of art can be viewed now on the centre’s website

“We hope this virtual art auction will help our study center continue our programs, many of which are offered free of charge, until 2022 and beyond,” Seki said, adding that a part of every art purchase will go directly to supporting ABSC, a 501c (3) registered nonprofit, and its mission continues.

About ABSC:
Founded in 1951 in New York City By the late Reverend Hozen Seki originally known as the American Buddhist Academy, the current mission of the American Buddhist Study Center is to bring Buddhist values ​​and Japanese culture to America. He will organize a special virtual event on December 15, the birthday of the late Reverend Seki, to commemorate and celebrate the 70 years of ABSCe birthday.

About the artists:
Auguste Elder is a wood-fired ceramist, sculptor and educator. He is represented by the Cavin-Morris gallery in Manhattan, and has been a visiting artist at Salem Art Works since 2015. He and his wife are co-owners of Cha Bay Fine Teas & Rough Wares:

that of Ken Horii the work has been exhibited nationwide in New England, new York, and Chicago in commercial and university galleries, corporate spaces and in special exhibitions at Seoul, South Korea and with Shanghai University, Shanghai, China. His work can be found in museum, corporate and private collections at Chicago, Boston, and new York, and can be found at

Pascale patris works as a curator of objects for works of art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. His own paintings bring a colourist expression of minimalist thought to watercolors, somewhere between brushstrokes and meditative inspiration. Her imagination and creativity are rooted in the beauty of nature, inspiring a world of exploration in her work.

Edythe Vassall has been deeply involved in the Shin Buddhist community since around 2005. She edited and proofread several ABSC publications. She worked for the Buddhist Churches of America (BCA) for ten years before retiring. She is a photographer and artist currently living in Hilo, Hawaii.

SOURCE American Buddhist Study Center

James C. Tibbs