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The main characters on Gilmore Girls not only do they talk a mile a minute, but they often make countless references to popular culture, whether it’s chatting with someone, ranting, or joking. Everything is far from the game, from beloved classic movies to contemporary pop singers to celebrity couples who have broken up.

Although there are so many references it’s hard to catch them all, fans on Reddit are sharing the ones they love the most. This commentary on the movies and music always lightens the mood, which is necessary given the amount of drama Rory and Lorelai face on the beloved series.


ten Rory refers to Britney Spears

rory at chilton - gilmore girls

It’s quite an adjustment when Rory starts going to Chilton, and that includes the uniform. Redditor StoopSounds love it when Lorelai shows Rory the plaid skirt and Rory asks, “I’m gonna be in a Britney Spears video?!”

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For many people Rory’s age, it’s impossible to look at a school uniform and not think of when Britney Spears donned the same outfit and danced for her popular “…Baby One More Time” video. The song was released as part of Britney’s 1999 album, which was her first. The video is very memorable.

9 Rory talks about Avril Lavigne

review rorys - gilmore girls

Some of Rory’s Funniest Gilmore Girls quotes include when she refers to pop singers. Rory has great delivery and timing and always lightens the mood when she makes those comments.

Redditor hollandxo loves when Rory says “this is Avril Lavingne’s world and we just live in it!” This quote is from the season 4 episode “Die, Jerk”. While Rory is wrong to write a nasty negative review about a ballet as she insults the ballerina, Rory alludes to Avril Lavigne’s song “Sk8ter Boi” about a ballet dancer who doesn’t like her pretending to be a skateboarder.

8 Emily refers to Gone with the Wind

Emily and Lorelai sitting on the couch in Gilmore Girls

There are also plenty of classic pop culture references in the show, and Emily and Lorelai are often the talking characters from older films.

Redditor SnowdropWorks likes the scene with “Emily asking Lorelai if she’s going to do a rorys ball gown” with curtains, which Scarlett O’Hara wears in Carried away by the wind. Lorelai does an awesome job and Rory’s Chilton dance dress is gorgeous and romantic.

seven Lorelai jokes about the glitter of Mariah Carey’s film

Jess and Lorelai talk outside Lorelai's house on Gilmore Girls

During a Season 2 town hall meeting about Jess Mariano’s poor performance, the residents of Stars Hollow begin discussing rumors. Redditor WeHaveLiftOff12 likes when Lorelai references Mariah Carey’s well-received acclaimed film and said, “I heard he was checking the weather and wrote the script for Shine!”

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Redditor Prestigious_Mud1662 added, “This one gets me EVERY time LOL”. The movie was released in 2001 and Mariah Carey played Billie Frank, a character who dreams of musical stardom and rises to fame and also dates a DJ named Dice Black. The plot turns to melodrama.

6 When Lorelai shouts “Stella!”

Lorelai and Rory watch a chick on Gilmore Girls

There are times when Luke and Lorelai almost date Gilmore Girls, including the Season 1 episode “That D*mn Donna Reed”. Rory has to take care of a chick for a school project and Lorelai loses it, calling on Luke to come help her. Luke is unsure if she is trying to say she has feelings for him.

Speaking about this scene, Redditor Euphoric_chick posted that “Lorelai calling the chick ‘Stellaaaaa’ is a classic!” because it is a reference to the famous play by Tennessee Williams A streetcar named Desire.

5 Rory mentions Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters

Rory talks to Paris about Gilmore Girls while eating takeout

Gilmore Girls and buffy the vampire slayer weren’t just on the air at the same time but also on the WB, and it’s funny when Rory references certain characters from the show.

Redditor DezDispenser88 loves it when Rory says, “It’s eleven at night, who are you hoping to hang out with now? Spike and Drusilla?” and added, “I always love a good Buffy reference!” Rory makes this pop culture reference when talking to Paris Geller, who leaves their dorm in Season 5 much later than she normally would.

4 Lorelai mentions waiting for Godot

Richard and Lorelai at Luke's

Lorelai has a lot of hilarity Gilmore Girls quotes and many of them include references to everything from pop music to classic movies to horror movies. In the Season 2 episode “Back In The Saddle Again”, Richard doesn’t want to retire after all, and Lorelai has a smart and memorable answer.

Redditor thebond_thecurse loves it when Lorelai says, “Godot was right there, he said, ‘I’m not expecting Richard!’, grabbed a roll and left.” Redditor Mukduk24601 said these “references kill me as a student of literature whose mind is still baffled by Beckett”.

3 Rory and Lane discuss Lane’s crush on Dave

Rory and Lane in Gilmore Girls

Lane Kim’s passionate love for music and her extensive knowledge of bands and singers past and present are always a fun part of the show. While Lane and Rory have a typical high school conversation about Lane’s crush on Dave Rygalski, they take it to another level by making a pop culture reference.

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This scene has a great reference and Redditor Beltacular loves it when “Lane and Rory are discussing if it’s a good idea for her to date a band member due to a potential breakup and she references Rilo Kiley.”

2 Luke makes a joke about Desperate Housewives

gilmore girls luke and lorelai at luke's diner

When Luke and Lorelai argue in the Season 6 episode “The Prodigal Daughter Returns,” Redditor akersh14 likes when Luke says, “Enjoy Wisteria Lane, you major drama queen.” It’s surprising to hear Luke refer to the juicy series Desperate housewives.

The characters on Desperate Housewives are just as dramatic as those on Gilmore Girls, which makes this reference work well. Luke is upset because he thinks something is going on between Lorelai and Christopher Hayden and they are both emotional about being engaged but not moving forward in their relationship.

1 Lorelai thinks of a classic romantic movie

Luke takes Lorelai on a date with Gilmore Girls

Lorelai is excited to go on a date with Luke in the Season 5 episode “Written In The Stars” and references an ’80s teen movie in the process.

Redditor Hopeful-Tax-8664 loves it when “Lorelei talks about her impending date with Luke and compares it to the movie A kind of wonderful.”

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