4 great art exhibitions to add to your cultural calendar for 2022

You may need to buy a plane ticket to visit these four great art exhibitions in 2022, but there’s nothing like a cultural trip to fill your calendar and enrich your senses in this New Year.

The start of a new year is a great time to update your cultural agenda. As the pandemic continues to cast a shadow over the world of culture, museums have announced numerous exhibitions and retrospectives for the next 12 months. Here are four to discover.

Image via Los Angeles County Museum of Art

“Cité du cinema: Paris 1850-1907” in Los Angeles

Paris is often called the City of Light, but for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), it is above all the City of Cinema. The museum will devote an entire exhibition to the influence of the French capital on this art in the 19th century. Visitors to “City of Cinema: Paris 1850-1907»Will be able to discover paintings, sculptures, posters and photographs which explain how cinema became a mass medium during this period.

“City of Cinema: Paris 1850-1907” will take place from February 20 to July 10 at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

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Image via Strozzi Palace

“Donatello, the Renaissance” in Florence

Although Donatello is one of the most famous sculptors of the Renaissance, few exhibitions have been devoted to him in the past 40 years. The Palazzo Strozzi and the Museo Nazionale del Bargello intend to rectify this with “Donatello, The Renaissance. “This unique exhibition will combine pieces by the sculptor with works by Italian masters such as Brunelleschi, Andrea Mantegna, Giovanni Bellini, Raphael and Michelangelo.

“Donatello, The Renaissance” will be held from March 19 to July 31 at Palazzo Strozzi and the National Bargello Museum in Florence.

art exhibitions 2022
Image credit: Musée d’Orsay / Eric Jouvenaux

“Gaudí” in Paris

In spring, Paris Orsay Museum will dedicate a major exhibition to Antoni Gaudí, a first in France for 50 years. This retrospective, soberly titled “Gaudí”, will show the spectacular creations of this singular artist, notably presenting sets of furniture never before exhibited in France. He will lead visitors through his creations of palaces, city hotels, parks and churches culminating with the extraordinary project of the Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona.

“Gaudí” will be presented from April 12 to July 17 at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris.

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Image Title: Paul Cézanne. The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

“Cézanne” in Chicago and London

For Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso, Paul Cézanne was “the greatest of us all”. The Art Institute of Chicago and Tate Modern in London are determined to show that this is still the case today through the “Cezanne“exhibition. This retrospective will retrace the career of the impressionist painter through oil paintings such as” Madame Cézanne in the yellow chair “as well as watercolors, drawings and sketchbooks. This range of works will be accompanied by ‘an analysis of his color palette and composition techniques to deepen our understanding of how Cézanne created his paintings.

“Cézanne” will take place from May 15 to September 5, 2022 at the Art Institute of Chicago and from October 6, 2022 to March 12, 2023 at Tate Modern in London.

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James C. Tibbs