A city of crafts and folk art

Srinagar qualified because of its craftsmanship and folk art, which is an integral part of its tradition and culture, in addition to the breathtaking natural beauty of the city itself. Being the famous tourist town, tourists from all over the world come to this town in search of buying the best quality, Pashmina shawls, rugs, hand-woven rugs, woolen items, embroidered stoles and jackets, pherans, wood carving. , etc.

Traditionally, designers have been heavily influenced by Persian, Central Asian, Mughal and even Tibetan art forms. The city is famous for many performing arts and traditional music. The artistic genius of the Kashmiri people is expressed in the fields of literature, poetry, literary images, shawl making, embroidery, woodworking, wood carving, machi paper and metal work.

Kashmiri art and craft is a testament to the fact that the Kashmiri artist is a true lover of nature. Nature is reflected in all the designs and decorative motifs of Kashmiri art. It is not possible to discuss Kashmir crafts and art in one article. However, I can briefly discuss the historical background of a few trades that have given Srinagar a distinct name in the world.

The art of papier machie arrived in Kashmir in the 14th century with Mir Syeed Ali Hamdani, a Persian scholar and mystic. The Kashmiri style of papier mache depiction is unique and of the highest quality. Common themes of naqashi are Kashmir symbols like almonds, Chinar leaves, flowers, and box designs with precise detail.

James C. Tibbs