A Delegation of World Bank Directors Visits the Jordan Museum | Culture & Society

Ammon News – The Director General of the Jordan Museum, Ihab Amarin, and senior staff of the museum welcomed the delegation of World Bank Executive Directors, led by Dr. Mirza Hasan.

Amarin briefed the delegation on the museum’s operations on several parallel paths to realize the royal vision and the museum’s mission as a national center for the presentation and preservation of Jordan’s rich cultural heritage.

Additionally, Amarin said the museum also functions as an educational platform, a conservation and research center and an exciting Jordanian tourist destination, which is qualified to function as Jordan’s national tourist gateway.

While touring the museum’s exhibits and facilities, the delegation learned more about how the museum tells the incredible story of human innovation and resilience on Jordanian land through the ages, according to a statement from the museum. published on Saturday.

The delegation also recognized the “advanced” level of functioning of the museum, as well as the rich and diverse scenario reinforced and supported by unique exhibits such as the Ain Ghazal Statues, the oldest life-size human statues in the world, adds the communicated.

At the end of the visit, Dr. Mirza Hasan expressed his appreciation for the museum, adding that it had enriched the delegation’s knowledge of Jordan’s role in the development of civilization through the ages.

James C. Tibbs