A Minecraft Fan Is Building An Entire Universe In The Game, And People Are Going Crazy For It

A Minecraft fan has surpassed the heights of creativity on an unprecedented scale and built an entire in-game universe, even letting Xbox flabbergasted. YouTuber ChrisDaCow did something amazing in Minecraft creative mode. He built a universe in the game, and we’re talking about a full-fledged star system, black holes, and solar systems.

The version received immense popularity both on Reddit (with 110,000 upvotes) and on Twitter, where the official Xbox account retweeted and commented on it. “Go back to bed, nothing you do today will be as good.” Quite a feat, ChrisDaCow!

ChrisDaCow created the whole universe in Minecraft

In his video, the Minecraft fan shared a snippet of the ethereal Minecraft universe with a soundtrack that makes it even more mesmerizing. In a separate video, ChrisDaCow also provided a breakdown of how they built the universe.

He took the globe as a reference to make an accurate virtual replica of the game. They also spent three days making the earth appear the same color as seen from space.

This is undoubtedly an achievement in the gaming community. Events like these inspire players to push the envelope and take the game to a different level. ShaneCS16 commented on Reddit “Projects like this remind me why I still play this game. What amazing work!”

Picture via Reddit

ChrisDaCow didn’t stop on the ground. He then created the rest of the Milky Way with all the other planets around it. He had to resize them to adapt them to the virtual universe. Fans have already requested access to download this build so they can explore this beautiful Minecraft space. If you’re interested, you can check out ChrisDaCow’s other video here to learn more about the amazing build process.

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James C. Tibbs