After two years of disruption, the city’s cultural calendar is back and running | Pune News

Pune: Big field music festivals are back, cultural shows are teeming with connoisseurs, as is Pune’s famous commercial and experimental theatre.
If 2020-2021 has brought down the city’s cultural calendar, along with the thousands of people who work there, the current month is a boon for them, fueled by almost no restrictions and a desire for audiences to start watching shows again. live.
After a two-year hiatus, multi-city music festival NH7 Weekender returns to the city as a field festival with a star-studded lineup, with organizers reporting the festival is almost sold out.
The same goes for commercial theater which, despite being a few months past its usual peak season, is trying to make up for lost time, income and jobs, with productions in some of Pune’s major venues.
“March to May is the period of jatras in Maharashtra. It is witnessing very good bookings for troops. Additionally, trade plays in the city are also noticing very good responses and full halls which is definitely a thing wonderful to see after two full years,” said Meghrajraje Bhosale, President of Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Natya Parishad, Pune. For experimental theatre, the sight of full halls is one of sore eyes, after years of disappointing attendance, and the pandemic has further reduced audiences, and their goal now is to attract more people to theaters, even those who are not regulars.
“Full houses are very exciting for us. Previously, when viewers had to be separated due to attendance caps, we could see that they weren’t involved properly. We have now reduced ticket prices and tried to get sponsorships to connect with cafes and restaurants to bring in more people, including those who may not necessarily have watched an experimental play” , said Suraj Parasnis, the co-founder of Theatron, an experimental theater troupe based in Pune.

James C. Tibbs