Aldi shoppers can’t get enough of its Cinco De Mayo deals

Just in time to celebrate the wonderful blend of cultural love that is the Americanized version of Cinco de Mayo, Aldi serves up its own blend of cultural references in the form of taco-flavored frozen beef and cheese meatballs, chicken meatballs in chili verde sauce, smoked cheese ravioli in queso blanco sauce, and chorizo ​​ravioli in sofrito sauce. Popular Instagram fan account aldi.mademedoit (not affiliated with the Germany-based grocer) shared the findings and said, “My favorite is when they bring out all the fun Mexican food.”

Instagram, which loves Aldi, is here for that. At least, that’s what we take away from the 704 likes this Instagram post garnered in just a few days, not to mention the rave reviews. “I can’t wait to find them in my store!!” exclaimed another Aldi superfan Insta account, @AldisBuys, and another said “These look so good”, along with a heart-eyes emoji.

It’s possible that one or all of these are on Aldi’s list of foods you must try before you die. The only thing we find a little perplexing is the fact that the original poster captioned the post, “I had to fight everything inside of me not to buy everything!” – before finally having bought everything. Some battles are just not worth fighting and in this case, for the poster at least, the only real way to win is simply to give in!

James C. Tibbs