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Thinking of who art exhibitions visit in town? We’re here to help with our top 5 picks.

K11 Musea and WOAW Gallery present Hot concrete: LA to HK

A big multi-generational group show has landed in Hong Kong. Presented by K11 Museum and WOAW Gallery, Hot concrete: LA to HK features over 55 works of art by 30 Los Angeles-based artists, who collectively represent a multiplicity of cultures that reflect the melting pot of the West Coast city. Exploring their personal stories and experiences as minorities, children of diasporas, and first-generation citizens and immigrants, the multi-media pieces interrogate topics of class, gender, race, identity, and the influence of alternative subcultures. . The group exhibition is a powerful representation of the relationship between people and their cities, and the communities that shape both.
Until November 13

Art Intelligence Global presents Shatter: Color Field and the Women of Abstract Expressionism

For his first exhibition, World Intelligence Art present Shatter: Color Field and the Women of Abstract Expressionism, a group exhibition highlighting five female artists who marked the movement with disruptive explorations of color. Taking its title from that of Helen Frankenthaler To break (1953), the exhibition features groundbreaking works on loan from the Helen Frankenthaler Foundation alongside striking work by Lee Krasner Untitled (1950), another acclaimed piece from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation. Forerunners Lynne Drexler, Alma Thomas and Yvonne Thomas exhibit for the first time in Asia, bridging the diverse and exceptional achievements of female abstract expressionist artists from the 1950s to the present day.
Until December 2

David Zwirner presents Alice Neel: Men of the 60s

Known for her boldly honest and humanistic approach to the figure, Alice Neel is considered one of the greatest American artists of the 20th century. To present his works for the first time in Greater China, David Zwirner present Alice Neel: Men of the 60s, which includes a selection of significant paintings of men in an important decade that saw an evolution in the artist’s style towards looser and more open compositions, which would later come to be recognized as his signature in the later period of his career. . The works on display construct a nuanced examination of masculinity and illustrate Neel’s unique ability to capture not only the subject but also its complex emotions.
Until December 21

Double Q Gallery presents Pine needle tales

Inspired by the aesthetics of Eastern European animated films, Mátyás Erményi’s whimsical drawings and paintings have captured the hearts of anyone who loves the visual arts to vibrate with a hint of innocent humor. Beginning in Asia, Erményi presents eight recent works at Double Q Gallery for his personal exhibition Pine needle tales. Anthropomorphic conifer pines are the protagonists of this collection, which is a subjective thread linked to the trees often seen in the Hungarian artist’s creations that pay homage to those planted by his great-grandparents in the courtyard of their multi-generational family home. .
Until November 12

The Museum of the Sun presents In Search of Animals: 20th Century Chinese Paintings from the Yitao Collection

Organized by the Sun Museum, In Search of Animals: 20th Century Chinese Paintings from the Yitao Collectionn is a must-have for animal lovers and art lovers. Nearly 40 animal-themed ink paintings by renowned modern and contemporary Chinese artists are on display. From stags, magpies, ducks and hens to horses, cats, squirrels and eagles, the works take viewers on a virtual tour of a zoo while allowing them to appreciate the brushstrokes and coloring techniques of Chinese masters such as as Qi Baishi, Xu Beihong and Gao. Qifeng.
Until December 22

James C. Tibbs