Basketball Wives fans were stunned by Jackie and Brooke’s fight in Episode 12

VH1 basketball wives returned for another intense episode on Monday night and this week saw the rampage of “old Jackie”

With the season finale fast approaching, the drama and confrontation on the popular reality series was pretty high. One thing that left fans stunned was the heated argument between Jackie and Brooke which led to the former knocking over a table.

Fans who watched the episode took to Twitter to share their feelings about the episode and in particular Jackie’s reactions. One even said, “Old Jackie is back.”

Brooke dragged crazy Jackie and my ass is screaming the way she tore up the restaurant screaming like King Kong. Old Jackie is back 💀🤣🤣 #BasketballWives #BBWLA

Episode 12 of basketball wives started where it ended last week. Jackie took the ladies on a surprise trip without revealing too many details. Their destination turned out to be a deserted land where Jackie was supposed to be doing research for an upcoming horror movie.

When Jackie took some of them to visit some witches, the women were not happy and later Jackie and Brandi had a fight. Brooke, who was part of this, also confronted Jackie, causing her to knock the table over.

Fans who saw Jackie acting like all hell broke loose took to social media to share their thoughts. Some sided with Brooke and agreed that Jackie was wrong to lie to others about the trip. However, others sided with Jackie. Twitter was inundated with fans commenting on the episode.

basketball wives fans claim the former Jackie is back after her feud with Brooke took it to the next level

Some people noted that Brooke brought back the old Jackie, while others added that they knew the two women would not be friendly with each other.

Some fans said that even though the situation was bad, they missed “old Jackie”. One fan even said, “I would love to see crazy old Jackie for a minute tonight.”

Welp Brooke U Got the old Jackie back to play don’t be shocked now she don’t want nothing to do with you #BasketballWives

Brooke asks OLD Jackie to come back and check her out and I hate it because Jackie was doing GOOD keeping her calm tone #BasketballWives

Brooke really wants her role back #BasketballWives bc she has some nerve and balls coming for jackie lmaoooooo i would love to see crazy old jackie for a minute tonight

Here’s more information on what happened this week at basketball wives Episode 12

The day after the ladies reached the wasteland, Jackie took Duffey, Brandi, and Brittish with her to visit the witches, which surprised them. Since Brandi wanted nothing to do with it, she yelled at Jackie and then left the scene. She then returned to their hotel and told Brooke and Jennifer about the ordeal.

At night, when the women were all having dinner, Brandi and Jackie clashed over the premiere’s reaction to the witches. Brooke, meanwhile, quickly got involved in the drama and opened up about the incident that happened the last time Jackie took her to a seance. Brooke told the others that she fell asleep attacked by a demon and was left paralyzed.

However, Jackie still wasn’t done having a conversation with Brandi. The basketball wives The star told the other women that she took them there for a girls’ trip. Still, she couldn’t get over Brandi telling her that Brooke was right about her.

This all led to a huge argument between Brooke and Jackie where the two insulted each other. One thing led to another, Jackie went wild and by the time the other women had moved away from the table, she had knocked her down.

The other basketball wives the stars tried to separate Jackie and Brooke from each other before things got worse, but Jackie wasn’t backing down. She continued to yell at Brooke, claiming she woke up the old Jackie.

As Duffy watched Jackie lash out at Brooke during dinner, the former wondered if the witches they met earlier had possessed Jackie.

The series will return next week and see Jackie make a call with Malaysia and give her some insight into what happened on the trip. In a preview shared at the end of the episode, basketball wives The star is seen getting emotional and breaking down during the call. She also told Malaysia that she destroyed the restaurant by turning the table over with the food.

More drama will unfold next week when the series returns.

basketball wives airs every Monday night at 8 p.m. ET only on Vh1. Readers can check local listings for more information.

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