Billie Eilish leaves fans divided as she calls out the internet’s obsession with the Depp-Heard abortion rights lawsuit

Earlier this year, singer Billie Eilish referenced Johnny Depp’s libel lawsuit against Amber Heard in an unreleased song she performed at a concert in the UK. Now the 20-year-old has expressed her disappointment that people care about the lawsuit rather than overturning the Roe v Wade abortion law.

Netizens exasperatedly explained to the singer that both situations should not be taken lightly and people can deal with both without compromising them.

In an interview with NME posted on June 24, the same day the U.S. Supreme Court released its verdict on Roe v. Wade’s annulment, Eilish shared that she referenced the trial in the song after the The original court notice leaked in May. She told the magazine:

“I was in this state of depression, I was losing my own rights to my own body, and then I was going on the internet and these are people giving their opinion on this lawsuit. Who f**king gives f**k? Women are losing the right to their bodies, so why are we talking about celebrity divorce lawsuits Who gives a shit?

The singer continued:

“Let them fend for themselves. Internet bothers me sometimes.

Billie Eilish referenced the song TVwhich she played at the AO Arena in Manchester on June 7. The Grammy winner sang:

“The internet has gone crazy watching movie stars on trial as they overturn Roe v Wade.”

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The internet reacts to Billie Eilish criticizing the internet for discussing the Depp-Heard lawsuit

Internet users were upset to see Billie Eilish express her indifference towards the defamation lawsuit of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Many said people could care about the trial, bringing domestic violence to light and overturning the abortion law.

Some said the singer shouldn’t have spoken about the lawsuit without being aware of the whole picture. Internet users have exclaimed that men who are victims of domestic violence are worth mentioning and raising awareness on social networks.

Here are some tweets reacting to Billie Eilish’s interview statement:

What Billie Eilish doesn’t understand is that what happened to Johnny Depp kills a lot of men. The silver bullet to the false DV allegation is a plague that ruins reputations, kidnaps children, destroys families. So go ahead Billie – ‘slam the internet’ – whatever that means.…

@ellisgreg What Billie Eilish doesn’t understand is that people can be preoccupied and interested in various issues at the same time.

No BILLIE EILISH Johnny Depp’s rights are no less important than women’s rights 🤡Johnny Depp is a VICTIM even if he is a MAN 🔥…

celebrity divorce lawsuit 🤡🤡 it wasn’t even about divorce anymore, they went to trial because johnny depp was abused for many years and everyone treated him like a wife beater, while in fact, it was amber heard who was the aggressor. use your brain @billieeilish

Apparently, Billie Eilish slammed people for caring about Johnny Depp’s lawsuit amid SCOTUS knocking down Roe Vs Wade. The thing is, people can care about more than one thing. I love Billie, but shit…give us credit.

apparently people are not able to take care of more than one thing at a time according to 2 @billieeilish? Maybe you don’t give AF #Man VICTIMS of DA/DV or maybe you don’t have the ability to 2 care about more than one thing at a time? #JohnnyDepp #AmberHeard WE give AF¥CK! Who is it !

@nypost Is it called “They got attention now, I want some too”?

@ellisgreg I really hate it when “celebrities” or anyone talk about things they weren’t educated in. I saw more about abortion rights than anything today, even during the JD case follow-up. We are able to pay attention to many problems and not just one.

@ellisgreg We can focus on domestic violence and abortion rights. Both are equally important issues and acting like we can’t care about both is ridiculous. I’m already tired of this argument. 😒

Celebrities talk about overturning the Roe v Wade abortion law

The conservative majority of the Supreme Court decides 6 against 3 in favor of a Mississippi law which wishes to prohibit abortion at 15 weeks of pregnancy. American women will now be forced to seek abortion treatment by traveling several hundred miles to access services, as several states have banned abortion.

Since the announcement of the ruling on Friday morning, many celebrities have woken up furious to denounce the Supreme Court’s ruling. Taylor Swift took to Twitter, admitting she was “absolutely terrified” for the nation’s future.

I am absolutely terrified that we are here – that after so many decades of fighting for women’s rights to their own bodies, today’s decision has stripped us of them.…

Padma Lakshmi said the cancellation of Roe v Wade would lead to people having unsafe abortions.

People will always have abortions. These proceedings will not stop simply because Roe v. Wade is knocked down. It will only prevent safe and legal abortions from taking place.

Viola Davis took to Instagram, sharing with her followers that she was “gutted” by the decision.

Singer Phoebe Bridgers also spoke out against the decision at the Glastonbury Festival. During her set, she chanted – “F**k the Supreme Court.”

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