Bowens Hosts Book Signing at Lamar’s Cultural Events Center – Lamar Ledger

The new book, “We Found the Lost Site of Sand Creek, Lost by a Historian’s Map, Found by a Soldier’s Clue,” has successfully kicked off.

The authors, Chuck Bowen and Mike Bowen, hosted a book signing on October 26 at the Cultural Events Center in Lamar. A large crowd of 100 attended the program and book signing.

Many were involved throughout the process of making the book and finding artifacts, including Joe Harbert, Butch Kelley, and Curt Neeley.

Joe installs sprinkler systems and has traveled extensively over the past 20 years to help Chuck search for artifacts. Some of the items they found include bullets, arrowheads and cannonball shell fragments.

Butch Kelley is a historian, an Indian Wars-era cavalry re-enactor, and has appeared in films and television shows. He is very knowledgeable in identifying artifacts from the Sand Creek era and his expertise was used to identify the most significant artifact of all.

Curt is a historian living in Colorado Springs. He is a longtime member of the Order of Indian Wars, is a former investigative journalist, and has spent decades researching Sand Creek. He played a big role in writing the book. He encouraged Chuck to stay the course and write the book.

“It’s like eating an elephant. Just take one bite at a time,” Curt said.

Both Butch Kelley and Joe Harbert contributed to the program, talking with guests and sharing artifacts on display at the event.

Betty Glover took photos and helped greet guests with Chuck’s wife, Sheri. Jonna Thompson helped sell books, and all hardcover copies sold out.

Chuck and Mike shared with the crowd the book and how the book came to be. This is a book about the discovery regarding the location of the Sand Creek event in 1864. This book is a firsthand account of the discovery and well cited with eyewitness accounts from soldiers and even a Cheyenne warrior named George Bent, the son of William Bent who built Bent’s Fort.

For anyone interested in purchasing a copy, contact Chuck through his website, or at You can also search BowenHistory on Facebook.

Books can also be purchased online through the same website listed above.

A large crowd of 100 people enjoy the book launch program Wednesday night at the Lamar Cultural Events Center. (Betty Glover/Lamar Ledger)

James C. Tibbs