BTS V Fans Call On HYBE To Take Action Against Staff Who Attempt To Sell Idol Information Soompi

BTS V fans are upset that a certain staff member was trying to sell the idol’s personal information online.

Taking to social media platforms, several fans demanded that HYBE take action against the staff member for taking advantage of BTS V’s popularity and using it to spread misinformation.

BTS V recently visited Paris for their personal overseas program, the reason for which is not yet known to fans. ARMYs think it could be related to a brand engagement, a collaboration, or his first solo album. The information is not yet verifiable.

Even if the Singularity singer has returned to South Korea, fans are upset that a staff member close to him tried to sell his information online and asked HYBE to investigate the matter and punish the culprit severely.

so someone who was part of taehyung’s schedule in paris tried to sell his schedule for $350.…

BTS V Fans Are Furious After Staff Tried To Sell Idol’s Confidential Information For $350

After BTS V left Paris, a French K-pop media outlet by the name of “KPop in Paris” revealed that they received information about the singer’s private schedule from someone who claimed to be his inner circle and identified himself as a HYBE staff member.

The post below begins with, “Now that Taehyung (BTS V’s real name) is gone, we can talk,” and reveals details about their interaction with said staff member.

“K-pop in Paris” revealed that the staff member offered confidential information about BTS V’s route, where he was going and times for a costly $350.

Now that Taehyung is gone, we can express ourselves: Some people, with bad intentions and having information about his schedule, because by being part of it, we wanted to sell us confidential information about his coming (with place, time and I pass ) pour –

The French media warned fans of these people and asked ARMYs to exercise caution, respect the Christmas tree the singer’s privacy and not fall into such traps.

Naturally, ARMYs were furious to hear that someone from BTS V’s entourage was trying to sell their privacy online and make money from it. Fans are banding together to report this to HYBE and urge them to take swift action against the staff member.

They also demand a complete cleanup of BTS’s personnel management to ensure such incidents don’t happen again in the future, and asked management to take full responsibility for V’s safety.

@zonequal This pattern can be seen if we observe how the post-pandemic media and stalkers both started getting information about Bangtan’s travels before the big hit revealed them. Everything comes from within and there are tons of people ready to BUY the information.

@zonequal Moreover, sometimes it may also not be part of the big hit, but third parties like hotel, flight, food, entertainment sections of the visit purpose. I really hope they can solve this problem better.

@zonequal not so far some bh/hybe employees themselves probably sell bts programs secretly rn too bc how do you all think sasaengs know everything and always up to date every time

@joonkooked @zonequal Yeah, it’s not new and almost the company has done it, although it’s not a good thing. Sometimes they contact the fan site about their schedule so they can access their private schedule. Some of the idols even contact the fan site personally, that’s what I heard

@zonequal This is incredibly sick…how can a professional even think of doing this. They should be prosecuted for their action both who sold and who bought.

@zonequal it’s so scary and dangerous please leave it alone

Recently, BTS’s Jungkook faced a similar situation when his lost hat was attempted to be sold for $7,100 by a former Foreign Ministry employee. The employee was summoned for questioning by the police and confessed to the crime.

He tried to sell Jungkook’s hat in an online flea shop claiming that no one from the idol’s side came to claim this lost property, and therefore, he decided to sell it online to make money from it. ‘silver. ARMYs were furious to hear this and reported the matter to BIG HIT MUSIC.

Fans agree that this situation is not exactly similar to the BTS V situation because in this case the act was committed by a staff employee. There is a definite violation of BTS members’ privacy, and some notorious people are trying to put a price tag on it.

The former Foreign Ministry employee who tried to sell Jungkook’s hat online has admitted all charges.

BTS V writes a note of concern after being harassed at the airport

V returned to South Korea on November 20 after a brief trip to Paris for an undisclosed reason. He expressed concern via Instagram Stories after being mobbed at the airport and revealed he was heartbroken to see a lack of security at the airport.

While the Singularity The singer looked handsome as always in his stylish avatar, showing his affable personality to the media and fans who were waiting for him, he was alarmed to see so many people at the airport.

BTS V/TAEHYUNG INSTAGRAM STORY 221120TH: There’s no ARMY or reporters who got hurt, right? Do very badly. +

Accompanied by his manager and a member of staff, the star did his best to keep fans safe amid the chaos and asked fans and the media to maintain decorum at the airport.

“There are no armies or journalists who have been injured. Right? I worry every time I come in or leave [a country] although seeing ARMYs makes me happy. But seeing people fall or get pushed around really hurts my heart. From now on, it would be great to see each other again and not get hurt or injured, everyone.”

More details regarding V’s future solo activities and the reasons for his recent trip to Paris are expected.

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