Chicago White Sox fans discouraged by rumors that free agents won’t come to team due to poor culture

The Chicago White Sox had one of the most disappointing seasons of MLB’s 30 teams in 2022. They were chosen pre-season to be one of the teams to compete for a World Series title. But they were plagued by terrible management and nagging injuries.

They parted ways with manager Tony La Russa at the end of the season as he retired due to health reasons. But that wasn’t enough to transform the franchise in the eyes of some players. It has been reported that some free agents and coaches are looking past the White Sox due to the team’s poor culture.

I hear a lot of rumors that players and coaches don’t want to come to the @whitesox because of bad culture. The Sox were the last to hire a manager, of course they didn’t finish their coaching staff. Pollock walking away was quite telling. New players are shocked at how archaic it is.

In a surprising move, outfielder AJ Pollock has given up a $13 million option to become a free agent. He hasn’t produced at nearly the rate he was supposed to, so for him to turn down the player’s option, fans were surprised.

Chicago White Sox fans are getting nervous. They thought the team was in good hands now that Tony La Russa was gone. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

“That scares me,” said one fan.

“Unfortunately, it’s not surprising. I think it will improve with the new manager and the coaching staff. They should overpay this off-season to bring in top talent, which they are not willing to do. .Swaps are probably their best option,” another explained.

@ShawnaP79 @Harp4803 @whitesox Unfortunately, this is not surprising. I think it will improve with the new manager and coaching staff, going forward. They should overpay this offseason to bring in top talent, which they are unwilling to do. Exchanges are probably their best option.

@ShawnaP79 @whitesox Well, Kenny has been around for about 20 years, owner longer, Hahn (to some extent) about the same. VICIATED. I see no possibility of changing this triad anytime soon.

@ShawnaP79 @whitesox I can totally see that to be true. Even as a fan, I can tell how backward this organization is. Everyone in the front office has a different agenda, too much loyalty from Jerry, so it doesn’t help that they want to put everyone down, which will never work these days, especially

@ShawnaP79 @whitesox AJ leaving 8 mill on the table should tell you everything. very bad owner

@ShawnaP79 @whitesox A few years ago there were guys who wanted to come here. Hopefully they can get back to that. Winning helps.

Fans find the rumors believable. They haven’t been big fans of the team’s front office. Chicago White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on superstar players.

Fans think the team’s only chance of getting big free agents to give them a fresh look is if the organization starts winning again. They can’t ruin this offseason. They have holes they need to fill if they want to start “game changing” again.

Chicago White Sox have decisions to make this offseason

Kansas City Royals vs. Chicago WS
Kansas City Royals vs. Chicago WS

One player the Chicago White Sox could be without for the 2023 season is longtime first baseman Jose Abreu. He spent his entire nine-year career with the Sox.

He entered free agency after the World Series ended. He was one of the main players for the White Sox. He’s been there at their worst and at their best. Rumors are swirling that the team is ready to move on from the slugger.

Losing Jose Abreu would be a killer for White Sox fans, and they hope the team can find something and bring him back.

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