Church’s Chicken Just Brought Back Two Fan-Favorite Menu Items

Church’s Chicken is bringing back two fan-favorite menu items for the summer. Peach cobbler and Original Smokehouse Chicken items are available again for fans of the popular chicken chain. There are over 1,500 Church’s Chicken locations worldwide.

Peach Cobbler features Church’s Chicken’s famous honey-butter cookie topped with a warm filling of “sliced ​​and spiced” peach cobbler, notes chewing boom. It costs $2.79. Fans can also get the accompanying Peach Perfect Tea and Peach Perfect Lemonade drinks to wash down the cobbler. drinks are $2.29 each.

(Photo: Church Chicken)

Fans hoping for a meal that will keep them a little more full than just a peach cobbler can also get the Smokehouse Original Chicken now. The meal includes half a chicken marinated in a smoky marinade before being fried and served with a layer of smoky glaze. It mixes sweet and savory flavors in one meal. It’s part of a $6 meal that includes creamy mashed potatoes, a honey-butter cookie, and a drink.

“I was so excited to dive back into our delicious original smoked chicken recipe and bring it back to our restaurants just in time for summer,” Church’s Chicken Chef Kevin Houston said in a statement. “Exploring other flavor variations – like last year’s Bourbon Black Pepper – and showcasing our innovation always pleases our guests, but I know fans will be thrilled to hear that the Smokehouse Original Chicken is back at the menu.”

Earlier this year, Church’s Chicken fans in Southeast Texas were shocked to learn that 10 of the area’s 14 restaurants had been closed, reports 12 news now. The company called it a “temporary closure” because the restaurants were not living up to their high standards. Church’s Chicken is “committed to ensuring the highest standards of food quality and safety are consistently maintained in all of our restaurants,” a company spokesperson said in April. “One of our franchisees recently failed to meet these standards and bring their operations into compliance, which resulted in the temporary closure of more than one of the locations they operated.”

Some of the closed stores were in Beaumont, Texas, and were operated by franchisee Best American Hospitality (BAH). A spokesperson for the Texas Comptroller said BAH owed more than $180,000 in Texas franchise taxes over the past four years. Although the company reimbursed part of this sum, it still owed $8,700 in penalties at the time. 12 News released its report on April 1. The four Church’s Chicken locations that remained open in Southeast Texas are owned by another franchisee.

James C. Tibbs