Cobra Kai season 5 filming nears completion, a month ahead of season 4 premieres

After filming until 1 a.m. last night, “Cobra Kai” co-creator, writer, director, producer and co-showrunner Jon Hurwitz took to Twitter today to answer questions from fans on the series. When asked to describe Sam and Miguel’s relationship in Season 4, he revealed that it was difficult to answer since they were already filming the final episodes of Season 5:

Whenever I hear about streaming shows having the opportunity to work like this and have so much time to shape and create an entire season before fans even see the one that’s on deck and ready to debut, I always think back to mega-popular hits from earlier eras that didn’t have the luxury of having so much time. The writers on a show like “Lost” frantically tossed bits of the metaphorical railroad tracks at the last possible second before the show’s high-speed locomotive passed through them. Thankfully, streaming has given creators a bit more leeway, which will hopefully translate into better storytelling. (This isn’t a hit against “Lost,” a show that I continue to love deeply.)

James C. Tibbs