Crestview is planning a community theater troupe; organizational meeting on February 8

CRESTVIEW — For Crete and residents of neighboring communities who would like to tread the boards, work behind the scenes, run the hall, or try a bit of everything, forming a community theater troupe provides the opportunity to show off their performing arts.

An organizational meeting, open to the community, will be held from 6-7 p.m. on Tuesday, February 8 at Warriors Hall in the Whitehurst Municipal Building at 209 Stillwell Blvd. at Crestview.

Mayor JB Whitten sees the organization’s launch as a logical next step in the formation of local performing arts organizations, following the creation of the Crestview Community Chorus and the partnership with the North Okaloosa Community Band, which began several years ago.

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“There’s no reason a city our size shouldn’t have a community theater,” Whitten said. “We know the talent is out there.”

Previous theater organizations relied on churches and ticket sales to generate revenue to cover venue rentals, script licensing, props, sets, and lighting equipment. However, the box office rarely covered the production expenses of a play.

By consolidating community theater as part of its Mayor’s Cultural Series, Whitten eliminates rental fees for Crestview rehearsal and performance spaces such as the Crestview Community Center and Warriors Hall.

A preliminary meeting held before Christmas brought together the mayor and performing and visual arts enthusiasts Meghan Schultz and Sarah Hawkins. Brittany Young, a drama teacher at Crestview High School, and Dee Hamilton, an acting professional, were unable to attend, but are willing to help launch the initiative.

While all were eager to produce some of the most thought-provoking and thought-provoking theatrical work one day, the group agreed that popular performances such as comedies, musicals and dinner theaters would help establish the troupe and grow. a clientele.

Then a season of shows could follow, with subscription ticket sales to ensure audiences and revenue.

The February 8 meeting is open to anyone ready to get started and be part of a community theater group. No previous theatrical experience is necessary.

In addition to being a program in the Mayor’s Cultural Series, the new organization will also report to Crestview’s new Cultural Services Division.

James C. Tibbs