Cultural Mural Beautifies Arnett Gardens and Celebrates Ja | News

RESIDENTS OF and visitors to the Arnett Gardens community were treated to a work of art and a demonstration of culture upon entering the local area. The community now has a skillfully painted mural featuring music greats such as Dean Fraser, Frederick ‘Toots’ Hibbert, Bob Marley and many more.

The mural was designed by a resident, Nesta Andrews, who felt it was time to brighten up the community. The walls that border Calvaire Cemetery were originally a rubbish dump. Sometimes people would go even further and burn the garbage, which created horror for those who lived near the site.

Area MP Mark Golding shared that he was very happy when Andrews approached him with the idea of ​​transforming the walls.

“It’s always encouraging when people care about their environment. We know people are judged by how their community looks, and it was obvious to provide the support needed to see this particular project through,” he said.

It was also very important for Golding to involve the wider community. This, he thought, would instill a deeper sense of pride and community. After obtaining permission from the Catholic Church, which is responsible for the wall, he also sought the opinions of residents who decided that the mural should be a cultural display of musicians and creators from the community and surrounding area.

The Digicel Foundation and Kingston Creative helped bring the idea to life.


Andrews shared that it was a proud moment for the community, as they felt good to be involved in the decision-making process, and they were also pleased that steps were being taken to add value and up the ante. moral.

“The feedback has been great from the locals. There has been no dumping or burning of trash since the wall was painted. We strive to preserve the artwork and not deface the painting,” he said.

Citizens hope that this project will extend to the rest of the wall, because it has brought about behavioral changes that should be encouraged.

Golding said he will continue to seek support from organizations to continue the beautification project. “There is still a lot of space to cover, but just seeing the change [in] this field motivates me to go even further.

James C. Tibbs