Decreases virus outbreaks in Venice

The main exhibition selected by the Art Directors Committee for that year was sponsored by specific countries. will give independent performances throughout Venice.

Venice is a place of cultural exhibition that bridges nations with historical and artistic heritage. Since its creation in 2013, it has hosted six exhibitions in partnership with the Venice Civic Museums Foundation (MUVE). The Fondation Louis Vuitton Building in Paris was built in 2016 by the Espace Louis Vuitton Venezia-Frank Gehri con L inter Vento di Daniel Buren as part of the cultural event Hors les murs. The Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris unveils the creative technologies behind its construction. Subsequently, the Venice Biennale included a number of exhibitions during the Art-Architecture Exhibitions collaborative events.

This time the curator is Cecilia Alemani Biennale Arte 2022, entitled “The Milk of Dreams”. April 23 is the opening day of the six-month Biennale at Tito La Phoenix, Venice.

Louis Vuitton hosted a dinner party in Venice last night as part of the upcoming revival of the Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Cadivoro in Venice. The museums are hosted by Daniel Ferrara of the Regional Direction of Veneto. Gala time is approaching. The 59th Venice Art Exhibition: – The Venice Biennale is about to begin.

Deepika Padukone wore the Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2022 collection to the event, carrying the iconic duffin handbag with Myson Jacquard `Sins 1854` textile. Among the guests present at the banquet were Isabelle Huppert-Tahar Rahim-Valeria Golino-Nicoletta Romanoff-Georgia Tordini-Candela Pelizza-Paulo Stella.

In 2020, Deepika and Sophie Turner-Leah Sedoux-Alicia Vikander-Chloe Grace Moretz teamed up for the Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall campaign. This year, deepika entertained with a classic performance for dinner at the 59th Venice Biennale. It has become a place to celebrate the future reconstruction of the French luxury house Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ka.

Her dress was specially designed with a cut-style black velvet jacket. Mesh – Lace gloves ..Fashionable knee-high shoes make her runway more beautiful. deepika also picked out a gorgeous chain bag from the LV shelves. She chose her distinctive matte glam look and was divinely dressed.

This year, the Louis Vuitton Foundation joined the official side events of the Lobiennal de Venezia. The event was moderated by Cecilia Alemani. Espace Louis Vuitton exhibits the dimensional work of Catherine Gross for the Apollo-Exposition space. It is a wire mesh design. This is a pattern printed in a clear spectrum of colors by the hands of the artist.

Finally, during the first week of the exhibition, Witten restored the newsstands of eight traditional Venetian newspapers, filling the streets with color and culture. Pop-up book stands are set up to present and sell the entire Travel Editions collection (City Guides, – fashion Eye – Travel).

The 59th Biennale di Venezia-Giardini-Arsenal International Art Exhibition, entitled The Milk of Dreams, will be open to the public from Saturday April 23 to Sunday November 27, 2022. It is curated by Cecilia Alemani. The Venice Biennale will be chaired by Roberto Cicutto. The pre-openings will take place on April 20, 21 and 22. Award Ceremony .. The opening ceremony will be held on April 23, 2022. 213 artists from 58 countries, .. 180 of whom are taking part in international exhibitions for the first time. 1433 The exhibits are objects. 80 new projects are designed specifically for the Biennale Arte.

James C. Tibbs