Dragon Age 4: 8 places players would love to visit

dragon age: Inquisition delivered a sprawling and expansive world for players to explore freely. The large map only included the Kingdom of Ferelden and the Empire of Orlais, but it was enough to provide hours of content and thrills.

Logically, fans expect a similar approach for the next Dragon Age 4. The game is all but confirmed to include the Tevinter Imperium in a big capacity, but there are plenty of other locations that fans are hoping to debut in the series as well. From previously unexplored kingdoms in the north to cities in places already visited by players, these areas would become Dragon Age 4 into an instant classic.

8 Tevinter

Tevinter seen in the Dragon Age 4 trailer

The Imperium is one of the most infamous places in Thedas. Home to the largest concentration of mages, Tevinter comes under intense criticism from outsiders. People disapprove of the Imperium’s slavery practices and supposed use of blood magic, though Dorian suggests that most of the rumors are exaggerations.

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According to the trailer and most theories, Dragon Age 4 will spend considerable time in the Imperium. Players will finally be able to see the flying cows above Minrathous and experience the supposed horrors of Tevinter first hand. Hopefully the game will help dispel some of the misconceptions about the Imperium, though some of the rumors will most certainly turn out to be true.

7 The free walks

Map of Antiva in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Free Marches has several city-states that would make for an interesting visit. Dragon Age II took place almost entirely in Kirkwall, but none of the other city-states appeared in the games despite being constantly mentioned. The Inquisitor came from Ostwick, while Cullen mentions doing business in Starkhaven.

While it’s nice to revisit Kirkwall, the Free Walks have many other intriguing spots. Besides Ostwick and Starkhaven already mentioned, places like Tantervale and Hercinia. Wycome, the so-called revelry capital of Thedas, would also be a worthy candidate for a visit, especially if the many rumors about Dragon Age 4 are true and the main character is indeed a bandit or a thief.

6 Antiva

Josephine behind her desk in Dragon Age Inquisition

The beating heart of commerce in Thedas, Antiva is a plutocratic nation in the northern Free Marches. Antiva City is one of the richest settlements in Thedas, often mentioned in main series games but never physically shown.

Dragon Age 4 provides the perfect opportunity to explore Antiva, given the nation’s proximity to the Tevinter Imperium. A visit to Antiva would also mean a potential appearance by Josephine, the former ambassador of the Inquisition and the subject of one of history’s best novels. dragon age series.

5 halamshiral

An elf approaches the courtyard of the Winter Palace in Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts in Dragon Age: Inquisition

The Empire of Orlais plays a major role in Dragon Age: Inquisition. The two Intruder DLC and the main quest of the series Wicked eyes and wicked hearts will take place at the Winter Palace in Halamshiral, the ancient capital of the Dales and the current seat of power of the empire. However, players cannot leave the palace and explore Halamshiral, making Dragon Age 4 the perfect opportunity to do so.

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Considering that Fen’Harel’s primary goal is to restore the elves to their past glory, he will certainly aim to reclaim Halamshiral from the empire. A quest on Dragon Age 4 could allow players to freely explore Halamshiral in all its opulent glory.

4 Nevarra

Cassandra in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Originally part of the Free Marches, Nevarra became an independent nation during the Exalted Age. It has grown in power over the years, and through the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition, its influence rivaled that of Orlais. Nevarra is famous for its cultural pursuits and artistry while being home to some of Thedas’ most politically powerful mages.

Given its proximity to Tevinter, it would be a shame if players couldn’t visit Nevarra during their Dragon Age 4 playthroughs. Nevarra’s presence also provides the perfect opportunity to introduce Cassandra Pentaghast to the game. Cassandra is a fan-favorite character who played a major role in Inquisition. the Intruder the epilogue hinted that she would be part of the Inquisitor’s effort to stop Solas, and a potential clue hidden in the dragon age books, especially Nights of Tevinter, suggests that Nevarra will be a key location in Dragon Age 4.

3 The fade

The Fade as seen in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Fade is a metaphysical realm connected to Thedas and separated by the Veil. It is home to many spirits who the Chantry claim are the first children of the Creator. The Fade is also home to the Dark City, which once housed the Creator before being corrupted by the Magisters of Tevinter legend.

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Players have already physically entered the Fade during the Here lies the abyss quest in Inquisition. However, the area they entered was narrow and ruled by the Nightmare, a fear demon who served Corypheus. Exploring other corners of the Fade could yield more insight into Solas’ plans, giving the player the character of Dragon Age 4 a considerable advantage over the Dread Wolf.

2 By Vollen

Art depicting a Qunari as seen in the Dragon Age franchise

The homeland of the Qunari, Par Vollen, is a tropical chain of islands located in the northernmost part of Thedas. Par Vollen is the cradle of Thedas civilization, with scholars believing that the first humans descended on the continent from its shores. During main series matches, Par Vollen is the home of the Qun.

Few foreigners are welcome at Par Vollen. However, Dragon Age 4 could come up with a logical explanation for why the main character is visiting Par Vollen. The presence of House Qunari would also allow the return of a certain Qunari mercenary, provided he does not die betraying the Inquisitor during Intruder. Iron Bull could be Tal-Vasoth following the events of Inquisitionbut it could also serve as the perfect guide through Par Vollen.

1 Arlathan Forest

A map of Thedas showing the forest of Artlathan

Named after the ancient capital of the Elven Empire, the Forest of Arlathan lies to the east of the Imperium. Abandoned since the destruction of Arlathan, Arlathan Forest has an infamous reputation, and many across Thedas believe it to be haunted. Even so, many Dalish elves still live in the forest, which is also home to powerful and ancient magic and several spirits.

Given its proximity to Tevinter, including Arlathan Forest in Dragon Age 4 should be obvious. The location may reveal previously unknown information about Arlathan and possibly Fen’Harel himself. It is also possible that Solas is hiding in the forest of Arlathan, putting him in direct conflict with the protagonist of Dragon Age 4.

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