Elden Ring Fan Show Off White Mask Varre Halloween Costume

A Ring of Elden fan was motivated enough for the first time in a long time to make a costume for Halloween, ending with a compelling rendition of White Mask Varre. Servant accomplice of a nicknamed the Bloody Lord, Varre inspired many cultural phenomena originating from Ring of Eldenperhaps even the most viral.

White Mask Varre is an intriguing denizen of the Lands Between, not least because he’s likely the first NPC players will encounter, aside from Melina and Torrent who are part of an earlier cutscene. As soon as the exit to Ring of EldenIn the Varre tutorial dungeon, Varre waits for the Terni nearby, patiently standing next to the site of the first stage of grace. And in just a few lines of dialogue, Varre spawns one of open-world RPG’s most memorable terms, as he claims “you’re not a virgin.” This actually means players can’t use “Rune Force”, also known as leveling up, as well as without Round Table Invitation, the location that acts as Ring of Eldenthe hub. Varre initially proves useful, suggesting players follow Grace’s golden rays and head to Castle Stormveil, but as his quest progresses, the cloaked mystery turns out to have more sinister intentions.


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In an image uploaded to Reddit by u/someguyinmissouri1, the suit can be seen in all its bloodstained glory. Draped in bloodstained sheets, adorned with a simple white mask, and furnished with a bouquet of roses, the outfit captures the disconcerting atmosphere of Varre. Inevitably, the comments were filled with jokes that they should call everyone maidenless, and were also full of praise for the effort.

Varre is the character who introduces players to Ring of Elden‘s PvP, as completing his quest requires invading the worlds of other Ternished. Many end up replicating his hidden visage due to the white mask he wears, which provides increased attack power around blood loss when equipped with the helmet. The Varre Bouquet is another useful item for those looking to bleed their opponents, but is rarely seen in PvP given the superiority of other weapons that inflict the status effect.

Ring of Elden PvP has seen a variety of improvements with recent updates, which have introduced buffs across the board for skills, sorceries, and spells. The timing couldn’t be better to re-immerse yourself in the community of Ring of Eldenbecause Halloween has inspired character costumes throughout the title, and there are sure to be some in the game who make the most of the spooky season.

Ring of Elden is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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James C. Tibbs