Epic Mahabharata is explored by artists in a new exhibition

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Keeping its classical soul in mind, four renowned artists have freely explored the ancient Sanskrit epic Mahabharata in an ongoing exhibition.

Exploring the Epic Mahabharata, held here at the Art Magnum Gallery, features works by artists Aditya Basak, Chandra Bhattacharjee, Jaya Ganguly and Samir Aich. It is organized by Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya. Although the exhibition is not intended to be illustrative, organizers said viewers would find “all 18 episodes of the Mahabharat condensed in each work”.

Abundantly depicted in Indian art, the epic has seen an astonishing range of interpretations over time, from descriptive sculptures of antiquity and gloriously detailed miniatures to more contemporary readings.

“There is a popular Bengali saying, ‘Ja nei Mahabharatey, ta nei Bharatey’, which roughly translates to ‘There is nothing in Bharat, which is not there in The Mahabharat’. Dare I say that through this exhibition, Vyasa revisits his Mahabharat through the eyes of four exceptional artists in a post-millennial setting,” the curator said in a statement.

So, where Ganguly based his paintings on his interpretation of epic events, Aich imagined himself as a fierce warrior in the epic’s most important battle at Kurukshetra.

Artist Bhattacharjee shows empathy for the inevitable loneliness of epic heroes through his work. The exhibition will end on December 10.

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