Excellent review of Jewish ball players

Thank you for Steve Zalusky’s terrific column “Cultural Showdown for Jewish Baseball Stars” (November 7).

Jews are generally not known for their athleticism. In the comedy “Airplane.” 1980, a passenger asks for a little reading and the flight attendant gives him a “leaflet” on famous legends of Jewish sport. Yet when Jews make their mark in the sports world – like Sid Luckman, Hank Greenberg, Sandy Koufax and Mark Spitz – it is a source of pride for the Jewish community.

I grew up as an Orioles fan, and when Steve Stone – who was Jewish and wore the number 32 in honor of Koufax – won 25 games and the American League’s Cy Young Award for Baltimore in 1980, that made more than a few Orioles fans. “kvell” (ray of pride).

This year’s World Series provided an unprecedented moment in the history of Jewish sport: At the start of Game 6, Atlanta’s Max Fried threw at Alex Bregman of Houston, who kicked a long ball that was caught by Joc Pederson from Atlanta. All three players were Jews. Houston wide receiver Garrett Stubbs – also Jewish – also played late in the deciding game.

If they ever made “Airplane” again, this leaflet on the legends of Jewish sport could have become a brochure in its own right.

Stephen A. Silver

San Francisco, California

James C. Tibbs