Exhibition Haitian Heritage Month, NOULA continues until May 28

[MIAMI] – NOULA is an exhibition that challenges the idea of ​​Haitian experience and existence. This exhibition brings together contemporary Haitian artists from different parts of the world. Especially those who disrupt and confront the negative notion of Haitian culture and societal norms. Additionally, perceptions of self-identity in relation to imposed narratives.

The NOULA exhibition takes place at the Miami Design District (Buick Building) on ​​NE 2nd Ave, Miami. It goes from May 6 to 28, 2022 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

NOULA addresses historical and contemporary systematic facts. While using Haiti as an example and as a beacon. A country and a society often sheltered from these deep historical subjects. In addition to the great contributions they have offered throughout history.

These artists, in their cultural context, address stereotypes that represent prejudice. As well as impacting widespread misconceptions about oneself and one’s own country. NOULA broadens our understanding of Haitian heritage. Notably by emphasizing the influence that contemporary artists from the region have had on the historical traditions and methods of the arts.

The overall concept of this exhibition is to challenge society’s view of Haiti and Haitian culture, deconstructing narratives imposed from external resources by amplifying the Haitian perspective of who we are and where we come from. . Due to media perception, this has constantly clouded the betterment of Haiti and what the country has done in this world. We seek to celebrate our great accomplishments, including a timeline of events, aimed at changing society’s preconceptions of Haitian history and celebrating Haiti’s contribution throughout history.

Featured Artists:

Carl Just | Corine “Eniroker” Brézault | Charles-Jean-Pierre | Claudia Apaid | Dubreus Lherisson | Edouard Duval-Carrie | Franck H Godefroy | Jean-Emmanuel | Jhonny Cineus | Joshua Azor | Jude Papaloko Thegender | Marc Fleuridor | Michaëlle Sergile | Mirlande Constant | Mwanel Pierre-Louis | Naderson Saint Pierre | Nadia Wolf | Natasha Thys | Nico Vorbe | Olivier “Oski” Vilaire | Pascale Monin | Phaidra Sterlin | Roudy Azor | Ruth Burotte | Xavier “SAMDI” Delatour | Etienne Arboite | Steven Baboun | Tasha Douge | Vickie Stone | Delisfort Woosler

Yvena DEspagne – The Curator

Yvena Despana (born in 1984) is a Haitian-American artist and art curator, based in Brooklyn, NY. She focuses on working with emerging mid-career artists and showcasing their stories. It aims to encourage and provide opportunities for artists. Above all, those who are interested in intercultural collaboration, dialogue and culture. Yvena is also the founder and creative director of Art x Ayiti. It is an online platform dedicated to showcasing and uplifting contemporary artists of Haitian descent and the diaspora.

Yvena is currently Associate Curator at the Established Gallery in Park Slope, Brooklyn, where she held one of her latest art exhibitions, Peel off the surface, a collective exhibition in New York, Meatpacking District. His most recent projects include curating artwork for the TV series SHOWTIME Flatbush tort, The iconic project by artist Tanda Francis as an assistant to the artist (presented by The Dean Collection), and curator The Atlantic Avenue Art Walk (2.4 km art walk) with Arts Gowanus, the non-profit organization in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Yvena was also featured as a panelist for Black Women in Art: The Black Perspective organized by the Haitian Heritage Museum and sponsored by Sugarcane Magazine.

Yvena continues to organize art exhibitions throughout New York City, where she works and resides.

Woosler Deslisfort

The Linto Society welcoming the Supreme High Priest of King Vodou Daagbo Hounon Hounon II from Ginen (Africa), 2018 C-digital printing

Ruth Burotte

Ruth Burotte - NOULA Exhibition

transmission stable, 2022 – Digital watercolor on archival ink print

James C. Tibbs