Fans claim Mike should stop talking and let Arisce talk in Ex On The Beach Episode 12

ex on the beach Season 6 returned Thursday night for its finale. Title Set sail on a relationship ship, Episode 12 featured the lovers in the final truth table. They were tasked with making the ultimate decision on whether to leave the villa with their ex, a new partner, or go on their own. But before that, Arisce was called in the hot seat.

Arisce was asked if she walked over Mike like he was a doormat. Even though we asked Arisce the question, Mike ended up answering it for her. This annoyed both contestants and viewers. He shared:

“She’s been in a situation where she’s already had a relationship, then she stops being seen as Arisce, the individual and (starts to be seen as) Arisce, the couple”

Kyra added that she has never seen Arisce hurt or disrespect Mike like he did with her. Kyra also shared that she didn’t think Arisce treated Mike like a doormat and felt that she was truly herself.

Mike continued talking without giving the ex on the beach contestant a chance to respond. Mike shared that he agreed with Kyra’s statement, but he thought Arisce saying she didn’t want him was hard for him to accept. He said it made him feel like he now had to protect her from himself and she had to protect him from herself.

When Arisce tried to share her perspective, Mike once again cut her off and asked her to let him finish. Derynn, during his confessional, wondered why Mike didn’t sit in the hot seat and answer questions himself. Other contestants, including Arisce herself, were also annoyed by her behavior.

Fans who watched the episode took to social media to say that Mike should stop talking and let Arisce share his thoughts on the questions posed.

Fans blame Mike for not giving Arisce a chance to speak ex on the beach Season 6 finale

Taking to Twitter, fans shared that Mike needs to take a break. Many felt that he should give Arisce the opportunity to speak.

We saw MIKE treat @Ariscestocrat like trash! Then show us some receipts from when she abused him. And Mike needs “sock in it” he won’t let @Ariscestocrat talk. Only clowns do that lol🤡 #ExOnTheBeach

Well it’s Arisce in the hot seat or Mike because he talks all the time 😂 #ExOnTheBeach

We haven’t heard @Ariscestocrat hasn’t spoken once since she’s been in the hot seat. I can’t wait to hear his thoughts! 😭 #ExOnTheBeach

More details on what happened this week in the season finale of ex on the beach Episode 12

Arisce got upset after seeing Mike talking during his confessional. When she finally had a chance to speak, Arisce said:

“Just in my quick defense, I learned what you wanted from the relationship here. Before that, we were basically f**k buddies.”

Arisce added that she saw herself getting into a relationship with Mike, but she felt he wasn’t ready to be one. However, she believed that Mike felt ready to be a part of it.

The next day the ex on the beach candidates had to make a final decision. They had to decide if they were leaving with their ex, their new partner or if they were going home alone. As for Arisce and Mike, they had a serious conversation and decided to leave as a couple. The other contestants (who saw Arisce and Mike arrive on the boat as a couple later in the episode) were happy to see them together.

ex on the beach airs on MTV every Thursday night at 8:00 p.m. ET. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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