Fans impressed with Leslie after dethroning James Holzhauer in The Chase Episode 7

The hunt returned for another jaw-dropping episode on Tuesday night. Episode 7 of the series wowed fans with Leslie Shanon dethroning James Holzhauer aka The Highroller after opposing him.

Answering questions about a planet wrongly labeled a “failed star” and the famous sitcom whose mantra was “no hugs, no learning”, Leslie managed to beat the hunter and cash in a total of $70,000. She also moved on to the final pursuit.

Fans who watched the episode were impressed with his trivial knowledge. They took to social media to claim that the old school beats the new school.

Fans claim Leslie matched one of the greatest players in The hunt Episode 7

Taking to Twitter, fans were left in awe after Leslie dethroned one of the GOATS. Some also added that James had the day off and was slipping.

Congratulations Leslie, you made it 👏👏👏👏👏 #The hunt

You can really see why Leslie was a five day #Danger Field. Even thirty years later, she still shows this knowledge. #The hunt

Leslie still has it and got the best of James; Old school beats new school #The hunt

LANDING! Leslie easily pockets her $70,000 deposit and she later goes to the Final Chase and leaves the High-Roller’s ankles broken. Let’s see how Anu fares when he challenges against @James_Holzhauer after the break. #The hunt @thechaseabc

James missed a few easy questions and Leslie is heading for the final chase! but remember that she could have played big against him like all the others! #The hunt

Leslie banked $70,000, she’s on to the final hunt #The hunt

More details on what happened in this week’s episode of The hunt Season 3

Leslie had a little Danger live. The The contestant shared that in 1992, she was a five-time undefeated winner of the reality TV competition series. She did it at just 27 years old. Leslie also held the record for youngest undefeated winner for a time.

When the hunter was made aware of the rewards Leslie had in his bag, he seemed confident and said it wasn’t as much as he was. Starting her game, Leslie put her trivial knowledge to the test in the Cash-Builder round.

She answered questions about the name of the holiday during which the Pilgrim’s sandwich was usually prepared and the brand of which Megan Rapinow became the ambassador. Although she had a few hiccups along the way, Leslie managed to bank $70,000. She shared that if she made the money, she planned to take a year off with her husband and travel around Australia in a motorhome.

Facing the hunter, James gave Leslie two options, she could either take $10,000 and get ahead of him on the board. Or, she could take $150,000 and step back on the board. But Leslie decided to stick with his $70,000 and play against The Highroller.

Luck seemed to favor Leslie as James had a bad day. Although she could answer most of the questions and move down the board to collect the money, James couldn’t. He answered most of the questions incorrectly, which allowed Leslie to win.

She cashed in $70,000 and a chance to enter the Final Chase to win more money with her team. The other two contestants who joined Leslie this week were Anu and Liz. Liz also appeared on Danger but didn’t have the records like Leslie.

All three contestants beat James in the first round and made it to the final chase. Together, they collected a total of $180,000. But this money was not yet theirs. They had to beat James on the scoreboard in the final round.

Other hunters sitting in the living room were impressed with the competitors this week. They also suggested that they should have accepted the high offer James made to them in the first round.

The hunt airs every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET only on ABC. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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