Fans outraged as Morrissey leaves Greek Theater concert in 30 minutes

On Sunday, November 13, 2022, English singer-songwriter Morrissey interrupted a performance at the Greek Theater concert in Los Angeles. The singer performed nine songs for 30 minutes on stage, after which the show was canceled. This upset the fans present. One of them tweeted:

“Amazing!! We were left with our jaws open in complete shock!! Waiting for my $400 back!!”

Morrissey was performing at the second concert of his US tour, which began on November 11. While some fans noted that the singer canceled the tour because it was too cold there, some pointed out that it was 50 degrees in LA on the day of the concert and not reason enough to cancel the show.

Members of the singer’s band addressed the crowd, noting:

“Sorry, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the show will not continue. Really sorry. See you next time.

Following the incident, the Greek theater’s website noted in a statement that the show had been postponed to a date “to be determined” (TBD). They further asked fans to stay tuned for more information on the website.

On Instagram, Morrissey shared:

“Thank you for coming last night, LA. We love you and are grateful for your support. Please look forward to more announcements coming soon.

Fans upset over Morrissey’s cancellation of Los Angeles show

Twitteratis and Redditors expressed how upset they were and shared what happened at the concert. Other angry fans noted they were in shock and demanded their money back.

Britpop quoted comment from Reddit user Clickbait213868, who shared their experience of the concert, noting:

“I was there last night. He played 5 songs, complained about how cold it was and said “but we’re gonna sweat through this”. He kept going backstage between songs for 5-10 minutes each time. His band looked awkward and his guitarist was trying to improvise to entertain us by mumbling something into the mic from time to time.”

Continued further:

“After some time standing awkwardly on stage, a stagehand appeared and whispered something to the band. Then the band quickly left the stage. 5 minutes later someone came back and addressed the audience:” We’re sorry, but due to unforeseen circumstances blah, blah, blah…’ The lights came back on and we all left grunting and moaning.”

Meanwhile, fans on Twitter criticized her lack of professionalism, with several saying the weather in Los Angeles wasn’t too cold to cancel a show.

summary of morrissey’s concert: he came out in his shirt, smoked a cigarette on stage, sang 5 songs, then ended the concert. my mother warned me

Morrissey-Catch Me If You Think You Heard This One Before Greek Theater 11/13/22

Wtf, Morrissey literally played 7 songs then left the Greek stage. wtf. I want my $700 back!

Excited about tonight’s Morrissey show at @Greek_Theatre but disappointed it was cut short. Now I know how Joan of Arc felt.

@axs @Greek_Theatre How do I get my refund after Morrissey canceled 30 minutes after the start? We also spent a lot of money on parking and drinks.

@copyrightlately @Greek_Theatre My granddaughter is a big fan and my son and his wife took her to see it tonight. She is very disappointed and I told her that was the way it was. Morrissey has always been very temperamental and just a jerk in general but I didn’t want to burst his bubble.

@copyrightlately @Greek_Theatre We were there it was cool but not horrible at all (and I forgot to bring my jacket). We swore to each other last night never to go to a Morrissey concert again, even despite waiting for his new album. Just sick of his asshole behavior. What joke.

@copyrightlately @Greek_Theatre If you bought a ticket for Morrissey, knowing his story, then you pretty much expected it. He will be back, so hopefully you save your money next time.

Morrissey has also canceled shows in the past

This isn’t the first time Morrissey has canceled a show while on stage. The singer is infamous for canceling tours and shows and not following them for several reasons.

In 2019, he canceled his Canadian broadcasts because he decided to boycott the Great White North in protest at the barbaric slaughter of baby seals. During a 2017 gig, the former Smiths singer canceled a show in Paso Robles, Calif., because it was too cold and the stage heater was broken.

Morrissey’s tour is in support of his upcoming solo album, Pyre of teenagers, which is slated for release in February 2023. Various artists including Miley Cyrus, Iggy Pop, Chad Smith and Flea of ​​the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Josh Klinghoffer and Jesse Tobias collaborated with Morrisey on the piece. The album will feature 11 tracks and was recorded in Los Angeles by producer Andrew Watt.

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