Fans react to Paige’s mom not being impressed with her partner Adam

The islanders of The Island of Love UK were surprised in the latest episode as they meet their parents and those of their partner to see how they feel about these romantic relationships. While all parents had happy or mixed reactions to their children’s relationships, Paige’s mother was unimpressed with her partner Adam.

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When Paige’s mum met the couple, she said she wasn’t ‘buying’ their relationship because she had seen a different side to her daughter when she was with Jacques. Despite this, Paige reassured her mother that Adam is a completely different person than what was shown on The Island of Love UK.

Paige’s mom said:

“The way you were with Jacques was completely different, you were a lot more you and high spirited and full of personality, with Adam it seems a lot more different.”

Paige argued and said:

“With Jacques he brought out a different side of me, bubbly and all that, but there were bits and pieces that were really wrong. Adam is so much more relaxed and down to earth. I made my own decision, he’s just a completely different person than the man he was.”

Fans even agreed with Paige’s mom’s direct reaction and supported her through their tweets.

CRAZY out of respect for Paige’s mom for telling her how it was. Adam is with Paige to win. As soon as he leaves, he will cheat. Paige made a mistake choosing Adam, and she will suffer the consequences when she comes out for sure. #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUK

Paige’s mom keeps 100…not buying the relationship with Adam. Like yeah girl, we all said that #loveisland #loveislandUK

However, their stay at the villa was short-lived thereafter. After the meeting, the islanders were called to the fire pit where Adam and Paige were dropped from the villa just a day before the The Island of Love UK finale, and fans couldn’t keep calm.

Fans rejoice as Adam and Paige leave The Island of Love UK

After an honest one-on-one with Paige’s mother, Adam and Paige were dumped from the villa at the end of the last episode. This made the fans very happy as they thought Adam would show his true colors as soon as he stepped out of the villa.

As they rolled their suitcases, Paige said:

“We are happy and there are no hard feelings with the other islanders.”

Even Adam flattered his love interest by saying he had “the best girl.”

Which are The Island of Love UK finalist?

The four couples who reached the final of The Island of Love UK are:

  1. Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu and Davide Sanclimenti
  2. Luca Bish and Gemma Owen
  3. Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page
  4. Dami Hope and Indiyah Polack

In the previous episode, the Islanders had to vote for the two least compatible couples. Here are the results of the vote:

  1. Paige and Adam chose Davide and Ekin-Su along with Gemma and Luca.
  2. Adam and Tasha voted for Davide and Ekin-Su as well as Paige and Adam.
  3. Davide and Ekin-Su voted for Gemma and Luca as well as Adam and Paige.
  4. Dami and Indiyah also voted for Davide and Ekin-Su along with Gemma and Luca.
  5. Gemma and Luca cast Davide and Ekin-Su alongside Andrew and Tasha.

In the end, the result was:

  • Ekin-Su and Davide – 4 Voices
  • Gemma and Luca – 3 Voices
  • Paige and Adam – 2 Voices
  • Tasha and Andrew – 1 vote
  • Indiyah and Dami – 0 Votes

Ekin-Su and Davide received the maximum votes for ‘least compatible couple’ and were at risk of rejection, but it was Adam and Paige who left the villa.

Meanwhile, Dami and Indiyah made it to the finals receiving votes.

Tune into ITV2 and ITV Hub on Monday August 1 to see which couple win The Island of Love UK with prize money.

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