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Bringing community cinema and arts center to the heart of Southsea

Posted: Feb 21, 2022 4:25 PM

Support the Portsmouth Film Society by setting up a community film and arts center in the heart of Southsea

The Portsmouth Film Society is pleased to announce that it is preparing for the opening of the Southsea Community Cinema and Art Centre, its permanent home (pending approval by Portsmouth City Council) with configurable theater space, a classroom and a small cafe with filmed pre-prepared food and snacks. Conveniently located in the heart of the Southsea precinct with a convenient bus service, they are ideally located to serve the culturally and economically integrated community of Southsea/Portsmouth. The flexible theater space and classroom will be available for rent to members, community groups, artists, teachers and businesses.

Southsea Community Cinema (1-3 Palmerston Road. PO5 3QQ) is more than just a cinema. It will manage the cinema, the educational program, the art center and the activity forum. The flexible cinema space can be configured to meet specific customer event needs. The 40-seat venue will be available to rent for a private watch party, seminars, games, green screen studio, birthday parties, live theater, art exhibits and VR experiences …

The Southsea Community Cinema will often show in-theatre films with ‘Cinema Plus’ activities to complement the film to encourage discussion with the public about the issues faced by people in Portsmouth’s multicultural area. Working with theater groups, music groups, and other experts on film-related topics, activities may include quiz nights, free social programs, question-and-answer sessions, lectures, and workshops. They’ll be showing special movies for moms and toddlers, the kids’ film club, and laid-back dementia-friendly matinee screenings. It will be open to the public and members and will have an online ticketing service available on the Savoy ticketing system.

Since the Portsmouth Film Society was established in 2011, education has also been at the heart of its activities using film and filmmaking education to bring people together. The classroom located in the Southsea Community Cinema enables the expansion of its award-winning filmmaking education programs which empower people to tell their stories, especially young people, while learning the art of filmmaking films and potentially entering a career related to the film industry. Working with community groups, we will continue to organize film education programs for vulnerable groups, including youth/children’s groups, recovery groups and immigrants, as we strive to break down social barriers and to be innovative.

To support the Portsmouth Film Society’s aim of bringing film industry related jobs to the city, the training will include various facets of film production/exhibition, event management and courses in film management. a successful business using the educational resources and tools available through its affiliation with National Community Cinema. organisation, Cinema For All and the British Film Institute.

Southsea Community Cinema is a not-for-profit organization that relies on money from its commercial activities and donations. It will also rely on community and arts grants.

“The Portsmouth Film Society continues to strengthen our existing relationships and works diligently to create new ones, including Portsmouth City Council, Hampshire Police, Portsmouth University, National Lottery and BFI FAN through Film Hub Southwest and West Midlands. We are so proud to be closer to our community.

We are so excited that our dream is coming true. » Aysegul Epengin.

Please visit their crowdfunding site and support the cinema and cultural center.

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