Funds available to celebrate Maori culture at Tauranga Moana

After a magical month of Matariki celebrations at Tauranga Moana, the Kaupapa Māori Legacy Event Fund will reopen this Friday, July 1.

The Kaupapa Māori Legacy Event Fund provides support for recurring events that celebrate tangata whenua, promote Māori tikanga, and raise awareness of significant historical and cultural events in Tauranga Moana.

The purpose of the fund is to help hapū and iwi people uplift and share their beautiful culture, and provide the community with opportunities to connect with Maori culture and grow their basket of knowledge.

As knowledge holders, cultural owners and kaitiaki of mātauranga Māori, these events offer the community the opportunity to be part of the culture and to learn.

During this year’s Matariki celebrations, the fund supported the Matariki ki Mauao Festival which offered a series of events and workshops for schools and the community.

This included Te Matahi o Te Tau ki Tauranga Moana where master navigator Jack Thatcher continued his nearly 30-year tradition of hiking to the summit of Mauao for the first sightings of the Matariki star cluster.

To be eligible for funding, one of the key criteria is that the event must be organized or in partnership with iwi and/or hapū from Tauranga Moana.

As Carlo, Head of Maori Strategic Engagement at Tauranga City Council, puts it, “fostering partnerships with our iwi and hapū is crucial.”

“We want to highlight their aspirations and help tell their stories; the Kaupapa Māori Legacy Event Fund is just one way we can do this.

The Kaupapa Māori Legacy Event Fund was first launched by Tauranga City Council and TECT in 2019 and this year BayTrust joins us as a partner.

“BayTrust is delighted to be offered the opportunity to be part of the Kaupapa Māori Legacy Event Fund,” said Alastair Rhodes, Managing Director of BayTrust.

“We are excited to partner with other local funders to better serve the groups that hold Te Ao Māori events within Tauranga and look forward to seeing the collective benefits for our communities that we serve.”

The amount of the fund is $90,000 and will be allocated in rounds with a maximum grant amount of $15,000.

“While the fund has supported a number of events since its inception, the impacts of COVID-19 and its restrictions have prevented many events from taking place,” says Paula Hudson, TECT’s Community Impact Manager.

“This is an important fund for giving grants to events that celebrate our local Maori culture, and we look forward to supporting more events now that we have increased the funding pool.”

Tauranga City Council encourages those wishing to apply for the Kaupapa Māori Legacy Event Fund to contact Te Pou Takawaenga at to discuss their application.

More information about the fund can be found online here.

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