GCW Coldest Winter (2/26/22)

This Saturday, Game-changing fight will see the fallout from Welcome to Heartbreak with its follow-up event, GCW Coldest Winter. Once again, the action will take place within the Ukrainian Cultural Center, located in Los Angeles, California. Plus, multiple matches are scheduled with everyone from the GCW staples jimmy lloyd and Tony Deppen to outside talent, including All Elite Wrestling Star Thunder Rosa. Whether you’re attending this event live or planning to watch it via FITE, dive deeper into the action to come.

GCW Coldest Winter – Full Map

  • Mance Warner returns to make an announcement
  • Blake Christian vs. Mike Bailey
  • Mascara Dorada vs. Gringo Loco
  • Tony Deppen vs. Thunder Rosa
  • Dark Sheik vs. Jordan Oliver
  • Ninja Mack vs. Jack Cartwheel
  • Jimmy Lloyd vs. Alex Zayne

Mance Warner makes an announcement

Apart from the in-ring tariff fixed for GCW Coldest Winter, Mance Warner Will be present. Although he won’t be competing in Los Angeles, he will be there to make an announcement. To be more specific, the former GCW Tag Team Champion will address his future. It’s unclear what that entails, but it’s worth noting that he hasn’t played a game since October. For the uninitiated, he faced dirty dango at Next Generation Wrestling event in Knoxville, Tennessee. During the match, Dango threw Warner out of the ring, resulting in the aforementioned injury. The following month, Warner reportedly underwent surgery, with no specific timeline for a return to action.

Any road to recovery after surgery is long; it doesn’t look any different. The question on the minds of fans is: what will Warner have to say about his future? Whether he intends to call it a career or announce a return to action remains to be seen, to name a few possibilities. The optimist of many fans, however, will expect him to be back in action. ‘Ol’ Mancer’ is an accomplished independent star, having won the world gold title in A.A.W., IWA Central-Southand combat zone wrestlingnot to mention go all the way Nick Gage Invited 5 in 2020. Tune in to The coldest winter to see what Warner has to say.

Mascara Dorada Gringo Loco GCW Coldest Winter

A duel of Luchadors

For those who have been following this year’s news Collectiveit was announced that Loco gringo will organize its own event this year. The WRLD on LUCHA will feature a number of lucha libre stars under one roof. To say this is a highly anticipated show would be an understatement; every time Game Changer Wrestling announces matches featuring luchadors, fan excitement escalates. These matches tend to be some of the most talked about at their respective events. AT GCW Coldest Winterfans will see a kind of teaser for The WRLD on LUCHA as Loco fights Dorada mascara in their first singles meeting.

Dorada made her GCW debut at Fight Club 2: Houston earlier this month, where he took on Loco, ASFand Christian Blake in a four-way match. Although it was Christian who won that encounter, Dorada had an impressive performance, pulling off techniques such as jaw-dropping dives. It should also come as no surprise to anyone familiar with “The King of the Strings.” His reputation between the ropes speaks for itself. He earned most of his honors in World Council of Lucha Libre (CMLL), but in 2022 he will aim for success wherever he can. This quest continues The coldest winter when he takes on Loco in what promises to be a must-watch match.

Tony DeppenThunder Rosa

For the very first time

Tony Deppen vs. Thunder Rosa will be another singles first date, not to mention one with surprisingly different personalities in place. Although considered a solid technical wrestler with hard-hitting strikes, Deppen is incredibly lively, making him one of GCW’s most charismatic stars. Meanwhile, the intense Rosa is all business, her goal being to win at all costs. Deppen’s work in GCW dates back to August 2016, where he defeated Azrial at A date with fate. Meanwhile, Rosa first appeared for the company last October. fight club event, being a surprise competitor in the Scramble Match.

Although very different wrestlers, as mentioned before, Deppen and Rosa could very well put together the match of the night at GCW Coldest Winter. This is evident based on Deppen’s recent work in GCW alone; it’s true that it’s against Demonic Flamita, BandidoWhere Mike Bailey, to name just a few examples. Despite his aforementioned spirited demeanor, Deppen’s ability to put up high level matches against different opponents cannot be underestimated. Rosa is an accomplished wrestler in her own right, winning gold in various organizations and putting on intense matches against the best in independent wrestling and AEW. Keep an eye out for Deppen and Rosa’s first singles meeting this Saturday.

GCW The Coldest Winter will take place in Los Angeles, California on February 26 2022.

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James C. Tibbs