GOT7’s Mark Tuan Gives Realistic Check To Upset Fan Who Shouted “F**k JYP”

GOT7’s Mark Tuan gave a weighted response to a fan who expressed his anger at his former company, JYP Entertainment. The incident happened during the November 6 concert in Los Angeles of The other side North America World Tour 2022.

As the American rapper reminisced about his idol experience at JYP Entertainment, a fan suddenly shouted:

“F**k JYP!”

He can address either the CEO, or JY Park, or the entertainment agency, or both. As the audience started shouting okay, Mark Tuan asked the fans to be respectful and told them that he could only stand in front of them because of JYP.

“No no No! Hey hey hey! If JYP wasn’t here, I wouldn’t be here. Okay?”

He then made a gesture from the heart to this particular fan to show his love for their support, but reiterated that his successful career is also due to JY Park.

“We’ve Never Really Been 100% With You Guys”: GOT7’s Mark Tuan Talks About His JYP Entertainment Experience Soompi

GOT7’s Mark Tuan kicked off his North American solo tour last month on October 3, 2022, in San Antonio. It came after the artist released his first solo album, titled The other sidein August of the same year.

The Last breath The singer left his life as a K-pop idol when his group, GOT7, left JYP Entertainment in January last year. Although GOT7 is still together, the members have charted their own paths as musicians.

During the Los Angeles stop on November 6, the artist shared his honest thoughts on his and the group’s experience under JYPE. He commented on the image that an agency indirectly forces idols to show, which makes it difficult for artists to show their full efforts. He said:

“You know we (GOT7 members) always show you the best side of us, and we want to be happy for you guys and…being back there (JYP Entertainment), we felt like we had to showing you the things that the society kind of wanted to show and we were never really 100% with you guys… I feel like that’s how I felt…”

However, Mark Tuan’s speech was cut short when a fan shouted “F**k JYP” and audience members cheered. He immediately silenced them and asked them to calm down. He then responded by saying that he was successful enough to hold tours thanks to JYP Entertainment. He reiterated:

“But it’s for real. If JYP wasn’t here, I wouldn’t be here right now tonight, guys.

The singer then went on to say that he was just sharing his experience in the industry where they couldn’t show their true artistic identity:

“That’s exactly how I felt in the industry. I feel like you know we were, we weren’t able to be 100% with you. And you know, we go through a lot of emotions here on stage and it gets tough.

In other news, Mark Tuan The other side The North American tour is a success. Fans loved his antics, like posing with a fan-made tote bag and ahgabong, singing a short Jackson Wang cover Butterfly, and many other things.

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