Government slammed pandemic waste on ‘Cultural Claptrap’

Government slammed pandemic waste on ‘cultural spiel’

Amid the tens of billions spent by the government over the past two years in pandemic funding, Guido believes the DCMS needs to reflect on the role it has played in doling out money to questionable cultural and arts programs. Search by Taxpayers Alliance now shows the government coughing up over £1billion in culture grants in 2020-21. £1,367,422,599 to be precise…

While that figure pales in comparison to total Treasury spending during that time, looking at the specific shows and programs the funding went to will raise eyebrows among conservative ranks. According to the wonks’ research, among those who received money from the Cultural Recovery Fund, National Heritage Memorial Fund and Arts Council England were:

  • A£18,966 “Family Sex Show” for children as young as five years old, featuring nudity and discussions of “pleasure, homosexuality, sex, gender and relationships »
  • £254,091 to SICK! Productions, who currently run a “Call for Participation in Ejaculation Falls » in which they are looking for six people “to participate in the creation and presentation of Ejaculation Falls, exploring their experience or inexperiences of sex and pleasure.”
  • £16,724 donated to “Pecs Drag Kings”, an all-female/non-binary theater and cabaret company” who produces “sexy, rowdy and very entertaining” shows.
  • £181,438 at “Bureau of Silly Ideas,” an organization describing itself as a creator of “inspired madness and controlled chaos in the public domain. Their recent work has mostly consisted of a trash can spraying children with water. To be fair, this one actually seems like panto-type entertainment for kids, so why does it need to be subsidized?

Elliot Keck of Taxpayers Alliance said Guido, “Taxpayers are sick of seeing their hard-earned money wasted on cultural bullshit.”

“With the economy in real peril during the pandemic, the funds could have been better spent elsewhere rather than on these nonsensical projects.

“The government must lift the curtain on wasteful spending before demanding more money from working taxpayers.”

Nudity and queer theater for five-year-olds. At least our tantalizing tax burden is spent on the essentials…

James C. Tibbs