Grand Theft Auto Fan Shows Off Amazing Custom Vice City Arcade Cabinet

Grand Theft Auto Vice City released in 2002 and was Rockstar’s love letter and deconstruction of all things “1980s”. Gameplay allowed for the series’ usual open-world mayhem, this time drawing loose inspiration from ’80s films and media. scarface and other cultural touchstones of the decade like miami vice. Naturally GTA Vice CityThe hyper 80s aesthetic pairs well with gamers who have fond memories of true 80s gaming culture, and has inspired some fans to imagine how the game would have been presented had it been released in the decade. where it was set up.


In the 1980s games were in their infancy, the games market collapsed in 1983 and it seemed unlikely at the time that home console video games would again be a viable market. . But arcade gaming was still in its heyday, with some of the best games found exclusively in arcades. Although arcades began to lose popularity in the decades to come, there were fans of arcade games who remained devoted.

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These arcade fans are so dedicated that some rare cabinets can sell for up to $10,000, and an entire gaming subculture has developed around reproducing and designing arcade cabinets for more modern games that would never have seen an arcade release. A very prolific member of this subculture is Reddit user SHAR-KADE, who specializes in custom-designed arcade cabinet builds and who, for his latest build, was inspired by GTA Vice City.

The arcade cabinet certainly looks the part, with a deep purple synth-wave color scheme that has become so synonymous with all things 80s tech. Plus, huge character decals of the game are adorned on the front and sides of the cabinets, using city ​​of vicebold key art style. The cabinet has a joystick and buttons for two players, making it ideal for playing real 80s arcade games, but SHAR-KADE says there’s a port to connect controllers, so GTA Vice City itself could actually be played on this custom arcade cabinet.

Of all the awesome custom arcade machines built by fans with designs based on console games, city ​​of vice feels like one of the most appropriate. It’s a game so steeped in 80s culture, not just as a setting, but commenting on it in the game’s story and themes. Rockstar even hired famous 80s actors and musicians to bolster those parallels. Only then does the game also get a true 80s game presentation.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City is a fan favorite of the series, many hope that city ​​of vice is the frame of GTA 6. city ​​of viceThe story of is actually one of the most compelling in the series, but is often lost like many GTA stories beneath the chaos and sandbox destruction the games are famous for.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City is available as part of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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