Gwanghwamun, the center of Korean history, culture and tourism, is colored with immersive 5G content

Gwanghwa Sidés, organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Hwang Hee) and the Korea Creative Content Agency (Director Jo hyunrae, hereinafter referred to as KOCCA), is a project to pursue the culture of leading immersive content “of the three major innovation strategies for the content industry announced by the government on September 17, 2019 and the DThe digital strategy for the cultural content industry of the New Deal announced on September 24, 2020.

Under the theme “5G opens the way to a new era”, Gwanghwa Sidés means content as fast as light (low latency, ultra-high speed) and cured by warm light (super-connected). In Gwanghwamun region, 8 types of immersive content are presented which combine cultural and tourism content, 5G communication and the latest technologies.

The Korean government, which actively supports the growth of the digital content ecosystem by allocating investments of more than 330 billion won to develop immersive content, a new engine of economic growth, and to nurture 1,400 specialists in immersive technologies, plans to take the lead in introducing new content that harmonizes the history, culture and immersive technology of the Gwanghwamun region .

gWanghwa Sidés starts with “Gwanghwa Pungryu”, a real-time 5G streaming performance with top K-POP artists such as PSY

“Gwanghwa Pungryu”, the first content of Gwanghwa Sidés released on the 17the, was planned with two themes as real-time live broadcast performance applied with AR, XR and 5G communication technologies. In “Gwanghwa Pungryu Part 1. 5G Real-Time Busking Performance”, a remote collaboration stage was performed between musicians located at famous tourist attractions in Korea via real-time connection using 5G communication technology. The performance also included a collaboration scene between the famous Korean dance team 1MILLION “and an independent group Nerd connection “ and a crossover group of traditional Korean music and folk music from around the world. This scene was implemented as a media façade at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Seoul, adding a sense of realism by connecting musicians located in each region in real time using 5G communication technology. Subsequently, “Gwanghwa Pungryu Part 2. Online XR Live Performance” took place. The performance of top K-POP artists, including PSY “, THE BOYZ “, and AOMG “ (Korea’s best hip hop team) performed spectacularly against the backdrop of a virtual Gwanghwamun based on Unreal Engine, receiving cheers from the audience. This performance has significance as the first “live virtual performance” in Korea using XR technology. The current and future area of ​​Gwanghwamun was implemented as a virtual stage, and live performances were held online to communicate with viewers in real time.

Tthe region of Gwanghwamun in Seoul becomes a space of large-scale cultural experience … Gwanghwa Sidés will be sequentially releasede 8 unique types of immersive content across February 2022

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency, which organizes the Gwanghwa Sidae project, start with Gwanghwa Pungryu, “a 5G-powered real-time streaming performance unveiled on the 17the which will be presented in four rounds taking into account the characteristics of each content Gwanghwa Won “, an immersive media art exhibition, in early January, and Gwanghwa In “, an AI information hologram, and early February Gwanghwa Jeoncha “, an immersive MR attraction, Gwanghwa Su “, an AR public monument based on real-time big data mining, Gwanghwa Dam, “an immersive location-based mission touring game, Gwanghwa Gyeong “, a location-based augmented reality edutainment game, and” Gwanghwa Byeokhwa “, a huge wall of media art at the end of February.

Gwanghwa Sidés, which begins in a space called Gwanghwamun, has been the center of Korean history, politics, culture and arts. This large-scale cultural space offers the public the possibility of directly discovering cultural contents combined with cutting-edge immersive technology. It is expected to generate interest and response from enthusiastic crowds.

First of all, “Gwanghwa won, Which one is should be unveiled in early January, is a garden of light that embodies Korea’s beautiful natural landscape with image processing works of art and media arts on the themes of “connection, healing, emptiness and filling”. “Gwanghwa won, located in the Metro Museum of Art located in Gyeongbokgung Station, is a garden of light that embodies Korea’s beautiful natural landscape with image processing works of art and media arts on the themes of “connection, healing, emptiness and filling”. The immersive media art space applied to Gwanghwa Won and the visual art that features each theme offers people a new place of rest and healing in the city center.

“Gwanghwa in, which will be unveiled at the same time, is a space where AI technology based on deep learning is focused. “Gwanghwa In” is located in Metro Museum of Art Building 2 located in Gyeongbokgung Station and provides information on cultural heritages and tourist attractions around Gwanghwamun with guidance from human AI. In addition, the visual content filmed with the 3D volumetric technique transcends time and space, allowing a special experience as if you were in a space with a real person. Human AI is a guide for Gwanghwa Sidés, which was made as a hologram after video / speech synthesis filming and big data deep learning, and is a model of human AI, and the group SMinho from Hinee, Aactor Lee Seung-jun, and VSelebrity maria appeared unexpectedly, raising the expectations of Korean Wave fans at home and abroad.

The content is expected to be unveiled in early February. are “Gwanghwa Jeoncha,“” Gwanghwa Su,“” Gwanghwa Dam,“and” Gwanghwa Gyeong.

“Gwanghwa Jeoncha, entertainment content that combines a panoramic screen and 4D attractions, was prepared in Sejongno Park. Based on a carrier simulator, the Gwanghwa Jeoncha shows dynamic and realistic video content, freely traversing the past, present and future of Gwanghwamun Square as well as imaginary spaces, including an underwater world and a space world. .

“Gwanghwa Su, located in the main square of Seoul Shinmun, is a participatory public sculpture content that applies AR and Big Data technology to a symbolic sculpture that embodies the “time-space-human connection”, the main theme of Gwanghwa Sidés. AR tree branches that reflect real-time global SNS Big Data are beautifully distributed over a physical sculpture reminiscent of tree branches, and they can be enjoyed through smartphones, kiosks, and AR glasses. This art sculpture communicates and responds to people around the world through 5G and Big Data technology and direct on-site participation is available.

“Gwanghwa Dam”, which will be unveiled with this, is a mission touring game in which you can explore the Gwanghwamun area, and it is a gamification content with a VPS solution for the first time for an AR game. “Gwanghwa Dam” consists of six main episodes which can be enjoyed while traveling through the Gwanghwamun region and offers a new experience in the familiar spaces of Gwanghwamun, Seoul City Hall Plaza, Cheonggyecheon and Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. In particular, members of the K-pop idol group SuperM appear as characters, adding cuteness and fun. “Gwanghwa Dam” not only contains an interesting take on the changes that the latest technology like VPS will bring to the content industry, but it should also be an easy and fun way to experience new, unknown technology through games.

“Gwanghwa Gyeong” is edutainment content using location-based AR content technology. It can be operated using a smartphone at major Gwanghwamun locations and provides AR content with historical information relating to each location. Performances and narration are prepared according to each location at the Woldae site in Gwanghwamun, the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, and the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History. Popular K-pop figures and global celebrities were filmed using volumetric techniques and appear in AR.

“Gwanghwa Byeokhwa,” to be unveiled in late February, is expected to recreate the exterior wall of the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History into a huge wall of media art. “Gwanghwa Byeokhwa” is a public media art consisting of a three-dimensional anamorphic video that uses the large L-shaped LED screen and a web page to allow people to interact with the content displayed on the wall in real time, which is sure to grab the attention of visitors.

An official from the organizer said: “Gwanghwa Sidés is the center of history, culture and art in Korea, and we are proud that Gwanghwa Sidae serves as a milestone in creating a future path for the cultural content industry by combining the latest technology and rich stories in this highly symbolic and historic space of Gwanghwamun, ”and added,“ We ​​will continue to do our best to showcase projects that bring new joy to many people and contribute to the national content industry. “

SOURCE Creative content agency in Korea

James C. Tibbs