Here are some of the best animated shows for adults

Television has a mountain of content that has entertained endless numbers of people. Specifically, animation has always been a staple of the best forms of entertainment for young audiences for its wacky and cunning characters and staging. Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes, and Disney Cartoons were the mainframe of animation that made cartoons what they are today and set the standard for brilliance in animation.

However, animation has evolved and become more adult-oriented over the years, using different mature themes for its diverse audience. Combining cartoons with adult humor and sometimes raunchy, provocative content has proven to be a huge ongoing success. Here are the best adult animated shows that have set a new standard for the animation genre.

11 Paradise PD

Paradise PD

This goofy animated comedy follows Officer Randall Crawford as he and his incompetent police department try to solve cases in the dumbest way possible while scatologically cracking up on celebrities.

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Paradise PD is vulgar and isn’t the best comedy for all audiences, and it often reuses too many crude gags that are more gratuitous in nature than comedic, but it still works on a small scale for people who like that kind of barbarism humor. It will always bring laughter from its audience.

ten Hit-Monkey


This Marvel Hulu series follows an assassin named Bryce who discovers a Japanese macaque in the sauna. He is fatally shot by hunters who also shoot the monkeys who have given him refuge. One monkey, however, is able to kill the hunters and becomes the Hit Monkey with the help of his sidekick, Bryce’s ghost.

It was strange and new to Marvel’s tastes, but this animated show has the makings of a cult classic in the near future. The violence and surprisingly dramatic elements of Hit-Monkey enough to satisfy any Marvel fan. Its unique and uncanny sensibilities are what set this TV series apart from the rest of Marvel’s pantheon.

9 F is for family


Frank Murphy (Bill Burr) is a Korean War veteran who works as a baggage handler at an airport. He does his best to keep his family together in the 1970s. His anger can sometimes get the better of him, but he always works hard to put his life in order.

Like most other entries on this list, F is for family is a loud and hilarious animated comedy with a sharp wit and thought-provoking content that proves to be a lively and endearing game on Netflix, which recently wrapped its fifth and final season.

8 Bojack Rider

Bojack Rider 1

Here’s another Netflix animated series that draws its laughs from its deadpan humor. This series sees the famous Bojack Rider trying to make a return to his former glory on his sitcom horse riding. However, his blatant alcoholism and depression cause him to lose control and sabotage his career.

Filled with anthropomorphic characters and a realistic sense of humor that always entertains, with enough pop-cultural influence to have a fan base giving it longevity, Bojack Rider was a beloved and surprisingly devastating show, filled not only with lewd humor, but also with honest emotional pain and suffering.

7 rick and morty

adult swimming

It’s probably the closest thing to Back to the Future IV that fans will get. rick and morty sees Rick Sanchez, a drunken and selfish genius, go on several goofy adventures from shooting aliens to breaking timelines in other dimensions, all with his pubescent grandson.

The series is dynamic, entertaining and daring. rick and morty has its moments of disgust and awkwardness but, for the most part, it has a sense of sci-fi magnificence and adventurous antics that induce wonder and awe with its humor and philosophical musings. Its twists are what keep fans invested in this show with such down-to-earth and existential comedy.

6 The Boondocks

adult swimming

If there was ever a show that was both hilarious and socially responsible, it would be The Boondocks. Robert Freeman and his grandchildren Riley and Huey move to a more affluent neighborhood. From there, they meet some of the most stereotypical characters like the self-hating Uncle Ruckus (unrelated) and the whitest black man, Tom the Lawyer.

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At the heart of each episode is a kind of moral that elevates the comedy into a more powerful and dramatic TV series. He easily balances hilarious and racist jokes with social commentary on racial division. Whether the show pokes fun at R. Kelly or BET, it will always be a treasure to watch this cartoon, especially with its mesmerizing anime-inspired visuals.

5 Robot Chicken

adult swimming

This stop-motion show is basically a series of skits like Saturday Night Live in clay form and with a more raunchy humor. Robot Chicken revolves around a series of different sketches that are usually tied to someone or something in pop culture (especially popular superheroes or celebrities).

Although the sketches are short and can miss the mark at times, they are still well-crafted and appeal to a lot of people who enjoy guilty pleasures. Its fast pace and clever dialogue is what keeps this show always on the air.

4 The simpsons


There would be a lot of heat if this show wasn’t on the list. The series revolves around The simpsons family goes through a myriad of misadventures. Their supporting cast is as hilarious as the antics they get into.

Granted, most of the jokes and setups are mildly offensive, by today’s standards, but it has a sense of nostalgia and charm that spans over thirty years and has become a staple of the adult entertainment, although its quality has not kept pace. his age. It’s honestly hard to imagine what the world would be like without the series still on the air.

3 Futurama

Futurama Bender Cheers

From the same people who made The simpsons, this series sees the slacker Phillip J. Frye cryogenically freezing himself and waking up a thousand years later to become an employee of an interplanetary delivery company. A little like The simpsons, Futurama uses its goofy misadventure-style animated sitcom genre to elicit its laughs.

What’s more important to note are the fun vocal performances, especially John DiMaggio’s sleazy but entertaining turn as Robot Bender. While most of the other actors are excellent or very good, DiMaggio’s Bender proves to be such an entertaining vocal performance for this animated comedy, that massive outrage (“Bendergate”) was sparked when he didn’t appear. initially in the reboot.

2 american dad

american dad

american dad the hunter after watching Family guy. Stan Smith is a proud armed Republican who cares for his family while harboring a wise, cross-dressing alien named Roger from another world.

Like the others on the list, its scatological jokes and cutaway gags are often what make this comedy hilarious, especially Seth Macfarlane’s turn as Roger the Alien, with his youthful yet witty voice that provokes a laugh every time he says a word. The brash grossness of the series is its basis for fostering laughs and multiple seasons.

1 family guy

New Family Guy Trailer Takes Shots of Kanye, Stranger Things, and The Orville #SDCC

Finally, the ultimate adult animated comedy has arrived. In this series, Peter Griffin and his obnoxious and dysfunctional family go through a series of adventures with a litany of racist, sexist, and homophobic jokes peppered throughout the series for shock value, while simultaneously criticizing all of those things.

family guy became such a provocative and controversial show that, alongside battles with censors and different groups, the show was pulled from Fox twice. It has since gained in durability, with each season just as steamy as the last while maintaining a certain level of political awareness and heart.

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