Here are the main highlights

Metaverse Fashion Week: here are the highlights

Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week saw a slew of international brands embrace the virtual world during a four-day event, which featured shows, panel discussions, shopping opportunities and even after-parties. Selfridges, Bulova, Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, Etro, Forever 21, DKNY and Estee Lauder were among the mega brands that took part in the first Metaverse Fashion Week which took place in the virtual world of Decentraland from March 24-27 .

The occasion was not only a watershed moment in the fashion world, but also a cornerstone of the concept of the Metaverse and all that it will become in the future.

Decentraland started out as a pixelated 2D grid before morphing into a 3D cosmos, and it’s based on the Ethereum network.

For many people, the metaverse is still uncharted territory. However, with an ever-growing list of cultural events taking place in the virtual realm, full immersion seems likely soon. There was no invitation or travel arrangements needed for Metaverse Fashion Week. A laptop browser was all that anyone interested in following the progress of the event needed.

Fashion Week was open to everyone on Decentraland and was a completely free event where guests could purchase NFTs from fashion brands using MANA, the platform’s native decentralized coin. According to Decentraland, “everyone is a VIP in the Metaverse”.

More than 60 brands took part in the fashion week. The after-parties and the presence of renowned artists were among the highlights of the event. To take a look at the various events that took place over the four days, check out the Metaverse Fashion Week events page.

These events included a mix of NFT wearables to customize one’s avatar in Metaverse Decentraland and limited-edition physical coins redeemable via NFT – which could only be purchased with cryptocurrencies. Physical coins were only available on Decentraland.

At the event, Selfridges partnered with the Vasarely and Paco Rabanne Foundation to open a virtual store at Decentraland. The launch was inspired by Birmingham’s Selfridges store and included a variety of immersive experiences.

Dolce & Gabbana has launched a collection of cat-themed designs. Models strutted down the virtual ramp amid what appeared to be a galactic disco, wearing distinctive D&G attire.

Estee Lauder has launched an NFT wearable based on its Advanced Night Repair solution.

Tommy Hilfiger showcased its Spring 2022 collection virtually and launched a digital store where visitors could purchase NFTs from the brand.

UNXD and Decentraland Foundation have launched a brand new luxury neighborhood. The main fashion week show took place every day in the Luxury District.

Sophia, the world famous humanoid robot, was a star attraction at fashion week. Sophia has been spotted in many places in the Decentraland universe, especially fashion week locations.

At the wrap-up event, singer-songwriter Claire Elise Boucher, better known as Grimes, wowed the crowd with an electric DJ set. Grimes’ digital avatar, a woman with two white ponytails, was seen dancing.

James C. Tibbs