Hong Kong Dance Company announces 2022/2023 season with MYTH OF THE DANCING DURUMI and more

Hong Kong Dance Company launches its 2022/23 dance season. Get ready to indulge yourself with lots of tantalizing dance routines!

The new dance season opens with Myth of the Dancing Durumi, an anthology of Korean folk dance. This highly anticipated show has been in the works for over two years. Undaunted by the restrictions in place during the pandemic, our dancers moved forward in rehearsal and were able to receive personal instruction from masters in Seoul and Yanbian online. Next comes the replay of the empowering dance poem Shan Shui: An Ode to Nature. It premiered to great acclaim last year and earned three nominations at the 23rd Hong Kong Dance Awards. After spending another year in contemplation, our dancers deepened their martial arts training and gained a better understanding of their body movements. They eagerly await the opportunity to repaint this picturesque scene.

The many iconic moments of the Hong Kong Dance Company were remembered and cherished during last year’s 40th anniversary celebrations. What makes a classic in itself a classic? Emotion. Twirl of the Heartstrings is a production that marries dance with live musical performance coupled with high-tech visual creations. These reinvented classical dance excerpts will give the public the opportunity to revisit many beautiful memories of our shows. Femininity explores the theme of identity change over time from a female perspective that tells stories rooted in our daily lives.

Along with the main productions, HKDC’s “8/F Platform” series serves as an artistic arena to nurture young dancers and will remain a staple for audiences to enjoy innovative new works.

Hong Kong Dance Company is also dedicated to arts education. The All About The Three Kingdoms interactive performance shares the beauty of traditional dance with the audience in an easy-to-understand way. They will enjoy the lively atmosphere of the many interactive activities that await them and deepen their understanding of dance. Our children and youth troupes will perform The Kids in Rainbow Jerseys. This Olympic-themed dance drama is a fine example of the indomitable spirit of perseverance that drives both dancer and athlete.

Our outreach and education department has also prepared a diverse offer of educational courses, masterclasses, shows, etc., to introduce dance into schools. As a partner of Sha Tin City Hall, HKDC also organizes various themed dance workshops to bring the joy of art further into the community. “Against all odds, the Company is firmly committed to providing you with quality dance works and programs that demonstrate the harmony between traditional culture and contemporary artistic ideas. We can’t wait to see you all at the theater! Mr. Tsang Kee-kung, MH, Chairman of the Board of Hong Kong Dance Company, said.

“Dancing is an art form related to both mind and body. It is only by cultivating the mind and achieving a state of tranquility that we can gain strength and remain fearless in the face of the raging storm outside. Let’s dance – here, now! Hong Kong Dance Company has been your companion on the road for four decades. We look forward to sharing this journey with you for many years to come,” said Mr. Yang Yuntao, Artistic Director of Hong Kong Dance Company.

Special subscription packages for the season

Take advantage of premium discounts and get the best seats for Shan Shui: An Ode to Nature, Twirl of the Heartstrings, Womanhood and The Kids in Rainbow Jerseys when you purchase two standard tickets from two or more shows by August 7, 2022.

Subscribers of the 2022/23 dance season (June 10 to August 7, 2022) will receive a free “Friends of HKDC” classic subscription to enjoy exclusive benefits and 10% off tickets for HKDC productions.

Hong Kong Dance Company 2022/23 Dance Season Schedule

Korean Folk Dance Anthology – Durumi Dance Myth

The elegant beauty of the dancing crane

Korean folk dances have a refined elegance that evokes images of a durumi (Korean crane) in flight. Exhaling, dancers glide effortlessly. Inspiring, they stop with subtle grace. Their colorful traditional Korean costumes move in harmony with the distinctive rhythms of their folk tunes.

Hong Kong Dance Company brings together works by Seoul and Yanbian artists in Hong Kong for the first time, to showcase the traditional charm and contemporary elegance inherent in Korean dance.

9 – 10.9.2022(Fri – Sat)7:45 p.m.

10 – 11.9.2022(Sat – Sun)15:00

Auditorium, Sha Tin City Hall

16 – 17.9.2022(Fri – Sat)7:45 p.m.


Auditorium, Yuen Long Theater

Grand Dance Poem – Shan Shui: An Ode to Nature

A waltz of the timeless charm of nature

Hong Kong Dance Company is inspired by the imagery of nature under the brush, painting an inner world beyond the limits of time or space through dance. The dancers’ bodies become the dots, dashes and vigorous strokes of the brush; they are the artist’s eye for rhyme, rhythm and inner beauty.

Shan Shui: An Ode to Nature received three nominations for the 2022 Hong Kong Dance Awards.

14 – 15.10.2022(Fri – Sat)7:45 p.m.

15 – 16.10.2022(Sat – Sun)15:00

Lyric Theatre, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Arts Education Theater – All About the Three Kingdoms

Dance beyond form and imagination

Gaining mastery of the dance through years of practice, the dancers convey beauty in their expressive movements. Come and share the joy of artistic creation in this lively and interactive dance performance.

Art Education Theater All About The Three Kingdoms is a family show for audiences of all ages. It brings vivid tales of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, from which audiences can deepen their knowledge of appreciating the arts.

3 – 4.3.2023(Fri – Sat)7:45 p.m.

4 – 5.3.2023(Sat – Sun)15:00

Auditorium, Sha Tin City Hall

Dance x Orchestral Music – Whirlwind of the Heartstrings

Music and dance intertwine: a revival of the classics

Romance, heroic adventures, heartbreaking stories. There are contemporary reinterpretations of Chinese literary classics and fables, with new artistic and creative dimensions. Memorable pop culture characters and their fantastical, imaginative worlds also come to life on stage.

Through the harmonious intertwining of dance, music and imagery, the Hong Kong Dance Company’s collaboration with local orchestra, In-heritage Philharmonic, will breathe new life into these larger-than-life stories about stage.

14 – 15.4.2023(Fri – Sat)7:45 p.m.

15 – 16.4.2023(Sat – Sun)15:00

Auditorium, Kwai Tsing Theater

Dance Theater – Femininity

And far beyond motherhood

Weaving through heavy threads of shadow and light, time shuttles between present and yesteryear.

Fragments filled with memory of fragility, resilience, conflict and struggle…now all reflect and refract in this trance-like chasm. Time stands still as each unique “She” is, in turn, revealed.

Where will his path lead now?

12 – 13.5.2023(Fri – Sat)7:45 p.m.

13 – 14.5.2023(Sat – Sun)15:00

Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Center

Family Dance Drama – The Kids in Rainbow Swimsuits

Don’t lose your way!

Be determined, but humble, and one day you will be a champion!

Look to the future with passion and courage, do your best and persevere until you reach your goal! Join the professional dancers of the Hong Kong Dance Company and over 400 talented youngsters from our children’s and youth troupes in a delightful song-filled dance drama telling tales of indomitable athletic endeavor. Together, we will win this gold medal!

11.8.2023(Friday)7:45 p.m.

12 – 13.8.2023(Sat – Sun)15:00

Auditorium, Sha Tin City Hall

Hong Kong Dance Company

Dancing through East and West, moving to the beat of Hong Kong

Mission statement
We are nurtured in the cultural traditions of China, combined with the creativity of contemporary art, to inspire the world with Chinese character dance from Hong Kong.

Founded in 1981, the Hong Kong Dance Company (HKDC) was incorporated in 2001 as a charitable non-profit institution and is financially supported by the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. As one of Hong Kong’s nine flagship performing arts companies, our mission is to promote Chinese dance with contemporary artistic visions and Hong Kong character. Since its inception, the company has staged over 200 productions over the decades, many of which have been wildly popular and critically acclaimed. Recent productions include The Legend of Mulan, Red Poppies, Spring Ritual Eulogy, The Butterfly Lovers, Storm Clouds, L’Amour Immortel, Dream of the Past: Ancient Chinese Court Dances, Reveries of the Red Chamber, Chinese Hero: A Lone Exile, Vipassana, Lady White of West Lake, Tale of the Three Cities, Waiting Heart, Liu Sanjie, Ode to the Silk Road, Dance of the Strings, Tale of the Southern Sky, Mazu the Sea Goddess, The Opera of the Moon, Shan Shui: An Ode to Nature, Nine Songs, Nezha: Untold Solitude, as well as Convergence, a culminating work created following a three-year interdisciplinary research study of Chinese dance and arts traditions Chinese martial arts.

As Hong Kong’s cultural ambassador, HKDC travels to different cities around the world to share the city’s unique artistic style with the world, engaging local audiences and encouraging cultural exchange. In recent years, we have presented our award-winning productions at Lincoln Center in New York, the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, the Sony Center in Toronto, the Concourse Theater in Chatswood, Sydney, the Southbank Center in London and the Belarusian State Academic Theater musical in Minsk, among others.

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