Hundreds Celebrate Pacific Cultures in Killeen | Local News

The Rosa Hereford Killeen Community Center had an island vibe on Saturday as hundreds of people came out to celebrate Pacific Island cultures.

The event drew people from as far away as San Antonio, Fort Worth and Frisco who came especially for the festival.

“It’s good because all the members of the Pacific Island community get together (and) get to know each other,” said Joseph Quinata, who drove from Fort Worth to the event in Killeen. “Everyone is so scattered that it takes a festival to bring everyone together.”

Quinata, who has lived on the mainland for seven years, is from Mililani on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

“Being away from home, we all come together and try to create that island feeling that we all miss; feeling homesick, being away from islands and family. It brings that feeling back,” Quinata said.

During the festival, dozens of general merchandise vendors and food trucks set up shop around the community center.

Looking through shirts and shopping, Jason Toves and his wife, Susanne. The newly married couple drove from Frisco to come to the event.

Toves said he had lived in the United States for several years, but was originally from Guam.

“It’s a lot of fun because the culture is coming back, and seeing a whole bunch of islanders is a good thing,” Toves said, adding that there is a small population of Pacific Islanders in Frisco.

Toves’ wife, Susanne, said that in addition to falling in love with her husband, she fell in love with the culture of the Pacific Islands.

“I love the essence of family – how loyal they are, how family oriented everyone is, how loving and kind they are to each other,” she said. declared.

Both were impressed with the event which also included cultural dance displays.

James C. Tibbs