I Love a Mama’s Boy fans slam Kelly for intervening in son Matt’s new love life after rocky breakup

This week, I love a mom’s Bothere returned with mother-son duo Matt and Kelly discussing Matt seeing someone new.

In an unusual situation where Kelly wanted to check out her “eternal resting place,” they debated her potential exit and what it meant for her relationship with her mother.

Kelly wasn’t too fond of her son revealing his decision to see someone new, given that his previous relationship didn’t end well. In a promo before I love a mama’s boy first, Matt opened up about coping with a breakup and being supportive of his mom. He said:

“We’ve been dating for four years and were engaged for almost a year. In retrospect, I don’t think we were a great fit. She doesn’t accept my mom as well as I do.”

Fans slammed Kelly for choosing to interfere with her son’s love life. One of them tweeted:

Fans react I love a mama’s boy star Kelly interferes with her son’s love life

In this week’s episode of I love a mama’s boy, the mother-son duo went on an outing, without Matt knowing what was about to happen. When they arrived at their destination, Kelly revealed that she wanted to go to the cemetery for her birthday to finalize where she, her husband and her son would be buried. She wanted Matt buried next to her so they could be together forever.

Fans were stunned by Kelly’s suggestion and took to social media to express their feelings:

If these mothers had their own men or husbands, they wouldn’t be like this. Except Kelly she has a husband but he probably doesn’t pay attention to her so she gets it from her son #iloveamamasboy

Kelly, Matt will be buried with his future partner, whoever he is, just as you will be with YOUR partner. (You know, the one you married and had Matt) I don’t see you planning to bury your husband with your MIL. 😒 #iloveamamasboy

I thought Kelly was gonna say she wanted them in the same coffin #iloveamamasboy

#ILoveAMamasBoy Why does Kelly’s husband allow this incestuous relationship?

#ILoveAMamasBoy Kelly seems to expect her and Matt to use their storylines at the same time, no matter who goes first.

#iloveamamasboy Kelly your relationship with your son is NOT normal! Let him find a girl and stop being so weird!!! It’s disturbing how the two of you act around each other! Pay more attention to your husband!!

Kelly may be ready for death, but someone can say there are space and terrain rules about eternal rest. You know, like the boundary rules. Borders! #ILoveAMamasBoy https://t.co/f0kHiqobW9

Sitting together, I love a mama’s boy The duo discussed Matt’s new relationship with his girlfriend Brittany. However, he had to prepare to break the news to his mother, and in a confessional he said:

“I’m dating Brittany behind mom’s back because I wanted to know if this was something I wanted to take to the next level and see how her and mom would be. So I’m going to let my mom know at her final resting place. .that little boy is coming back out there.”

Matt eventually revealed to his mother that he was seeing someone new, however, the latter expressed mixed emotions towards the news. She confessed that although she was suffering from PTSD when she heard about it, given that her son’s previous relationship did not end on a happy note, she will keep an open mind.

The I love a mama’s boy The star revealed that it was difficult for him to find a woman who matched his mother’s high expectations and was “a little difficult to say things sometimes”. He joked that if all went well, the family should have an extra place in their decided resting place – a joke that Kelly didn’t like.

In a confessional she said:

“Brittany will pass Kelly’s smell test. Litmus test. Whatever you want to call it. That’s what it’s gonna be. This time I’m playing hardball. If I see anything, I’ll say Something.”

Matt confessed that he was worried about how his mother would view Brittany. Kelly assured that she would do everything she could to protect her son.

Season 3 of I love a mama’s boy has fed its viewers with a high drama quotient over its past two seasons and aims to do the same or even more with the third season. The introduction of new mother-son duos and the retention of famous cast members from previous episodes have certainly helped maintain the show’s reputation and provide fans with dramatic content.

The hit series documented complicated relationships between men juggling their relationship between their mothers and their partners. All of this creates good content that viewers interact with.

Tune I love a mama’s boy next week at 10:00 p.m. ET on TLC.

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