ICC organizes events to celebrate India’s 75th Independence Day

ICC President PN Babu Rajan (centre); Chairman of the AP Celebration Committee Manikantan (right) and Cultural Coordinator Sumaa Mahesh Gowda during the press conference at the ICC premises yesterday.

Doha: The Indian Cultural Center (ICC), an apex body of the Indian Embassy in Qatar, is ready to prepare and plan another mega event to celebrate India’s 75th Independence Day under the theme “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav”.

Many activities are planned to celebrate this day with passion and ardor with a mega cultural carnival starting today. The party will continue until August 19.

The announcement was made at a press conference held yesterday at the ICC premises. The press conference was attended by ICC President, PN Babu Rajan; Chairman of the AP Manikantan Celebration Committee and Cultural Coordinator Sumaa Mahesh Gowda.

“Indian Ambassador HE Dr. Deepak Mittal will inaugurate India’s 75th Independence Day celebrations at ICC Ashoka Hall today at 7:30 p.m. This will mark the start of the celebration of the 75th Independence Day of India’s independence in Doha,” said Babu Rajan.

He said that all these days, a variety of cultural events will be held at various locations across the country.

“These events will be actively and voluntarily participated by various associate organizations of ICC, Indian socio-cultural groups, Indian schools and blue-collar workers to showcase their talents,” Babu Rajan said. He said that all these events are planned at various locations in order to have greater reach to all communities.

“To conclude, Qawwali will be played on August 19 by a renowned Indian team – Danish band Hussain Badayuni Qawwali.”

On a day-to-day basis, ICC has planned to reach out to the community with the publication of digital media flyers, press updates, radio announcements, social media posts will be used to communicate and reach out to families and the Indian community as well as other communities to attend and participate. .

CIC Coordinator First Secretary of the Embassy of India, Xavier Dhanraj; the President of the ICC, PN Babu Rajan; Chairman, ICC Advisory Board, KS Prasad; GSICC, Krishnakumar; ICC Vice-President, Subramanya Hebbagelu; Celebration Committee Chairman AP Manikantan and Finance Committee Chairman Mahesh Gowda will lead the celebration.

“Earlier on Friday, we had the main discussion at ICC Ashoka Hall. Outstanding support from all Indian community leaders, the gathering includes members of ICC MC and several volunteers from different organizations have pledged their involvement,” said Babu Rajan.

He said the MCs and the ICC President are coordinating and working with the Qatari authorities to secure the necessary approvals for these mega-events to be successful.

James C. Tibbs