JAMNOLA expands and unveils new “Nola Reminiscence” exhibitions

NEW ORLEANS (press release) – JAMNOLA, New Orleans’ first experiential arts and culture entertainment venue, celebrates the city we know and love by taking guests down memory lane with the unveiling of its new exhibits “NOLA Reminiscence”. Open to the public on Saturday, October 1 and running through the end of the year, JAMNOLA broke new ground with three new exhibits that pay homage to iconic pieces of New Orleans culture and nostalgia through the eyes of by three local artists. The three new installations were curated by the creative partners of JAMNOLA Where Y’Artworks!

With the ‘NOLA Reminiscence’ expansion, the team takes you on a journey back in time to the local team, ‘Makin’ Groceries’, and the places that connect the people of New Orleans to their country of origin. These new exhibits are created by women in New Orleans. Their reminiscent love letter to this city is something you have to experience.

Additional features and activities include:

  • NOLA Nostalgia – Breanna Thompson’s “NOLA Nostalgia” is an ethereal exploration of our connectedness as people from and living in New Orleans. Exploring her memories of this very special place through the use of light, crystals and color to create the feelings that touch your heart and bring a sense of NOLA nostalgia.
  • Grocery shopping – New Orleans is the only place in the world where you “go grocery shopping”. Roumillet from JAMNOLA’s famous Costume Closet, is back, but this time paying homage to the places we use to “grocery” and the things we still love to buy and eat. This art installation is entirely fashioned with a facade by Schwegmann, 4 interactive dress-up costumes and 5 headpieces made by local designers. You can even be the hot sauce in Queen Bey’s bag.
  • The dream of a saint – The second mural by local artist Jade Meyer and the first piece ever displayed in a New Orleans museum. This piece is what happens when a dynamic young artist combines her unique style of marrying color patterns and geometry with her love of football, especially her home team! Meyers seamlessly creates rhythm through color while simultaneously bringing a whimsical feel to the grain and grime of football with this experiential sports mural. The “A Saint’s Dream” mural will be in JAMNOLA’s new “Takin’ It to the Street” room which focuses on New Orleans’ second line and street culture.
  • The evolution also includes a reimagining of three of his existing installations, including a piano playing a baby mudbug in Joy of Crawfish.

JAMNOLA will also launch a digital cultural concierge experience that will feature new cultural information about its exhibits, restaurant recommendations from local food and culture blogger/blogger, Dr. Nicole Caridad Ralston of @Eaten Path NOLA, and a link to the WWOZ live feed.

Since its opening in August 2020, more than 150,000 visitors from all over the country visited JAMNOLA to learn about New Orleans’ unique art, history, and culture through art created by the city’s local culture bearers, and more $70,000 in proceeds were donated to local nonprofits including Feed the Second Line, New Orleans Musicians Clinic, Roots of Music, and House of Tulip.

General admission tickets are $29 for adults and $20 for children on weekdays and $32 on weekends. Free for children 2 and under. Tickets can be purchased online at www.jamnola.com. Ticket reservations are mandatory; no appointment. JAMNOLA is located at 2832 Royal Street in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans.

James C. Tibbs